Alcohol may be something you grew up with always being in the house. Perhaps you and your friends used to drink as teenagers because that’s what everyone was doing. But now, as an adult, you find yourself imprisoned by alcohol. You cannot seem to do anything without thinking about drinking or wondering where the next drink will come from. You have an alcohol abuse problem that needs professional help. Rehab in East Sussex is available when you contact us here at Middlegate.

Alcohol rehab may be your only hope for long-term sobriety if your problem is serious enough. However, there is no way to know for sure until you are evaluated by someone with the knowledge and experience to understand what you are going through. When you contact us, we will provide that evaluation before recommending the most appropriate treatment.

Our evaluation is not based only on the volume of alcohol you consume. We take into consideration your age, gender, past history and more. We know that every individual is different, so the treatments needed to recover from alcohol are also different. That is also why we work with clinics and other providers who use bespoke treatment plans instead of a single regimen for every recovering patient.

You Can Overcome

Middlegate has seen alcohol rehab in East Sussex help many people overcome abuse and addiction issues. You can overcome too. It is a matter of admitting you have a problem and committing to getting well. However, please understand that alcohol abuse will not go away on its own. No amount of wishful thinking will change your physical and psychological attachment to drink to such a degree that you will be able to stop. If you have an alcohol abuse problem, it requires professional intervention.

That intervention maybe by way of a residential programme at a private clinic. That is usually the best option for the alcoholic who has several years under his belt. Residential treatment provides medically supervised detox, rehabilitative therapy and aftercare services in a highly focused and distraction free environment.

If residential rehab is not right for you, there are a number of outpatient options available through the NHS, local charities, professional counsellors, and support groups. Multiple outpatient treatment can be combined together to create a bespoke treatment plan just for you. When you contact us, we will walk you through each of your options.

Time Is Waning

Whether your visit to our website is motivated by your own problem or concern for a loved one, time is waning. Every day you put off getting help is another day you will never get back. We urge you not to lose any more days to the control of alcohol. There is so much more for you to live for.

Middlegate is an experienced organisation committed to helping alcoholics and their families find recovery. We provide free advice, evaluations, and referrals for alcohol rehab in East Sussex and throughout the UK. You can contact us by phone, e-mail or through this website.

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