Hampshire is the largest county in the south-east of England and a favourite for tourists coming to the UK. Its many seaside resorts act as playgrounds for summer travellers looking to get away from it all for a while. As a resident of Hampshire, you are probably aware that the leisure oriented focus of much of the county provides the perfect environment for drug and alcohol use. This also means there are people within Hampshire struggling with substance abuse and addiction.

Hampshire is no different from any other county in that there are programmes available to assist substance abusers and their families. Treatment opportunities cover everything from outpatient NHS programmes to full, residential rehab lasting from four to 12 weeks. No matter what kind of help one needs, it can be found in Hampshire.

Our job here at Middlegate is to help those who call us find the treatments they are looking for. Indeed, our organisation was founded for that very purpose. We know how destructive drugs and alcohol can be when misused, and we know that the vast majority of people who have substance abuse problems cannot overcome those problems without professional treatment. This includes you.

Very Few Exceptions

We have found it common among substance abusers and addicts to believe they are the exceptions to the rule. In other words, we frequently deal with clients who believe they can overcome an alcohol or drug problem without professional help. However, such is rarely the case. A person with a problem serious enough to qualify as substance abuse is a person who is going to need professional intervention.

In some cases, drug or alcohol treatment is nothing more than an inpatient detox programme followed by group support. Other times, getting well requires weeks or months of intensive therapy under the guidance of trained professionals. Still other people need something in between.

What do you need? That depends on what you are using and how often you use it. Are you a problem drinker who binges every now and again? You might do well with a prescription from your doctor and participation in Alcoholics Anonymous support group. Are you someone who uses heroin multiple times a day, every day? You may need medically supervised detox along with four weeks of supervised counselling. There is no way to know for sure without assessing your situation.

Ready to Help

The trained counsellors at Middlegate have the knowledge and experience to offer you a comprehensive assessment of your current condition. With that assessment, we can also offer you a list of treatment options in Hampshire suitable to what you are going through. You ultimately have the choice to accept treatment or not.

Middlegate is an experienced organisation working with a full range of service providers in Hampshire. Our goal is not make sure you are admitted to a specific clinic but, rather, to connect you with the clinic best suited to helping you get well. Our goal is to get you into the right treatment programme.

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