Birmingham grew from being a moderately sized market town in medieval times to a thriving city during the Industrial Revolution. Today it is one of the most prominent cities in the UK and is home to a number of top companies including Cadbury and Jaguar Land Rover. Almost all employment in Birmingham comes from the service industry but the city also has a very high rate of unemployment. In fact, economic inequality in Birmingham is the second highest in the UK. Around forty per cent of the people in Birmingham live in areas that are included in the ten per cent most deprived areas of England.
All of this means that, while some in Birmingham are enjoying the good life, others are suffering and a number of these people are suffering with other problems too such as addiction. Addiction touches many Birmingham residents and affects their quality of life. These individuals find it hard to take enjoyment from life, and their families inevitably suffer too.
Do You Need Help?
If you are a Birmingham resident suffering because of alcohol or drug abuse then Middlegate can help. We are a referral service helping addicts from all over the UK. We have already helped a large number of people suffering with substance abuse from the Birmingham area and our services are available to you too. Do not waste another day living under the cloud of addiction. Make the decision to get help and call us today.
There are many people similar to you living with the curse of addiction in the city of Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Some people cannot function without alcohol, while others are hooked on illegal drugs or prescription medication. All are experiencing the same feelings of despair and helplessness because addiction is an illness that will not go away without treatment. We understand this, which is why we will do everything in our power to get you the help you desperately need.
What We Do
Middlegate has a team of expertly trained staff who will assess clients according to the information they provide. This information will be used to get an idea of the type of addiction the individual is suffering with and the severity of that addiction. Our team of counsellors and therapists can then provide comprehensive information on the various treatments that are available in the Birmingham area.
Our service is confidential. We work with providers all over the UK and this includes private centres, charity organisations, and the NHS. We are not affiliated with one particular provider so will ensure you are referred to the most suitable clinic for your needs. Our aim is to make sure that you get the treatment that will work best for your situation and we do this by listening to you and giving you the opportunity to have a say in what you want. We believe that to understand your needs, we need to listen to you – this is what our staff have been trained to do. Call today for your free assessment. Your new life could start with that one telephone call.

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