Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and as such is the main cultural and commercial centre in the country. As well as being the home of the Welsh Assembly, the city is also the home of the Welsh national rugby and football teams.
Cardiff is one of Wales’s main tourist destinations and is popular in terms of shopping and nightlife. Many visitors to the city enjoy the fabulous shopping district and the many pubs and clubs on offer. However, despite it being such a booming tourist city, Cardiff is similar to other cities in terms of alcohol and drug abuse. Some of the people living in the city are struggling to cope with everyday life because of their substance addiction.
A number of people living in Cardiff simply cannot function without reaching for a bottle of alcohol. Others are using drugs every day as a means to cope with the pressures of their lives. Some people spend their every waking minute thinking about, or engaging in, compulsive behaviours such as sex or gambling. These people need help – providing that help is the aim of Middlegate.
Middlegate is a free referral service working with clients in Cardiff and other parts of the UK. Our goal is to provide information and advice to clients who are struggling with all types of addiction. We have access to a large network of treatment providers, including local support groups and private clinics offering residential programmes. It is our job to assess people with addiction and to refer them to the most appropriate services.
Take a Chance on Us
The expert staff at Middlegate know that every client has individual needs. We understand that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to treating addiction. Therefore, our staff has been thoroughly trained to listen to clients and to assess their needs based on the information provided. We will learn whatever we can about the addiction you are suffering with and will ascertain the severity of it before referring you to the treatment programme that we feel will work best for you. All we ask is that you take a chance and give us a call so that we can give you the help you need.
Treatments on Offer
Our mission is to make sure that people from Cardiff and other parts of the UK are getting access to the treatments available to them. That may be a residential treatment or it could be that a local support group will be a better fit. Until our team speaks to you, they cannot know which treatment will work best, so please give us a call today.
If you are worried about beginning a programme of rehabilitation, then all we can say is that there is no need to be. We are not going to lie and tell you that it will be easy, but we certainly believe that you can do this. As with many others before you, recovery is possible, and we are the best people to help you in this regard.

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