The city of Plymouth has a number of attractions, including galleries, museums, theatres, historical buildings, and churches. Those living in the city can enjoy fun days out with the family at many different places; the National Marine Aquarium is a popular choice. The aquarium is the largest in the UK and it was opened with the goal of providing education, research, and conservation in marine life.

As well as family days out, the aquarium is a popular destination for school trips as students can learn about all types of marine life, ranging from those found in Plymouth to the Australian Great Barrier Reef. There are many species on display including octopus, lobsters, conger eels, jellyfish, and even sharks.

The National Marine Aquarium is one of Plymouth’s most popular attractions and has something to offer to all ages. It is a place where the whole family can go together to learn about life under the sea.

However, not everyone in Plymouth can enjoy the National Marine Aquarium in all its splendour. There are a number of families in the city for whom family days out have had to take a backseat because of a family member’s dependence on substances such as alcohol or drugs.

Make a Positive Change

Is your family suffering because of one member’s struggle with addiction? Do you wish you could put this behind you and begin to enjoy life together again? If so, Middlegate can help. We are a referral service working with families all over the UK. We know the devastation that addiction can cause on families, so our expert advisors are here to provide support to affected individuals and their families.

No matter what type of addiction you are suffering from, Middlegate can help. We do this by providing clients with comprehensive assessments and then making referrals to an appropriate provider. We have access to a large database of the most up to date treatments on offer and work with many organisations in Plymouth and other parts of the UK.

Variety of Options

When it comes to referrals, Middlegate works closely with charity organisations, local support groups, private clinics, and the NHS. The treatments we recommend range from residential programmes to detox to outpatient rehabilitation. Residential care is typically recommended for those with the most severe addictions, although in some cases this is not feasible. We will consider individual circumstances before making any referrals. At the end of the day, client wellbeing is our focus.

Do you remember a time before addiction became such a huge part of your life? Did you and your family enjoy days out together? If you remember good times with your family, you can have them back, provided you are prepared to work hard for a successful rehabilitation. Middlegate can help people from Plymouth with addiction problems to get their lives back on track; we have done it before and are prepared to invest in your future to ensure we can do it again. Make the call today.

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