When you took that first drink, you probably never anticipated you would see the day when you could live without alcohol. Now that you are at that point, you need to do something about it. You need to take the first step toward alcohol rehab in Cambridgeshire before drinking takes away everything you have worked so hard for. The first step is to contact Middlegate.

Our primary mission at Middlegate is to provide alcohol abusers with assistance by way of advice, alcohol assessments, and treatment referrals. Fulfilling our mission includes gathering the information necessary to refer you to the most appropriate treatment for your circumstances. By putting in the effort to keep this information up to date, we make it possible for you to find a recovery programme without having to spend weeks or months researching them yourself.

A Middlegate counsellor can help you locate alcohol rehab regardless of the severity of your problem. We have access to residential recovery, outpatient programmes and support groups offering 12-step work. In fact, if there is an alcohol rehab programme in Cambridgeshire we know about it. We will get you going in the direction of whatever will work best for you.

Detox and Rehab

After evaluating your circumstances, we may recommend residential rehab at a private clinic. A residential programme is usually the best option if you have been diagnosed as a full-blown alcoholic. It includes medically supervised detox, 4 to 12 weeks of rehabilitative therapy, and several months of follow-up aftercare. We work with a number of private clinics offering residential rehab.

You may not need a residential programme if your problem is alcohol abuse rather than dependence. You might be better served by an outpatient programme that combines prescription medication, counselling, and support group participation. If so, we can help you put together a collection of treatments that will ensure you get the help you need.

There are many different options for alcohol rehab in Cambridgeshire because individuals and their circumstances are also different. Permanent recovery is not a matter of sending every patient through the exact same programme in the hope that it will work for everyone. It will not. Bespoke treatment plans tailored to individual patients is the best way to serve each one successfully.

It’s Your Choice

Middlegate is here to help you locate alcohol rehab in Cambridgeshire. However, we cannot force you to undergo treatment. You must make the choice to recover; you must make the choice to attend treatment programmes through to their conclusion. Only when you are 100% committed to recovery can you actually overcome your problem.

You should also be aware that physical and psychological dependence on alcohol is not something that will pass on its own. Excessive alcohol use alters the way your body functions, requiring professional intervention for safe recovery. Please do not try to conquer this alone.

As an experienced referral organisation, Middlegate provides free and confidential services across the UK. You may contact us by e-mail, telephone or through this website.

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