From the mountainous regions of the Southern Uplands to the moss lands of the Solway Firth, Dumfriesshire is an incredible contrast of geographies. Nearly every type of Scottish landscape is represented in this border county. It has a little bit of everything, some say. Unfortunately, that also includes people suffering from substance abuse and addiction. People in Dumfriesshire need help just as they do everywhere else.

The challenge with substance abuse and addiction is getting people to realise they have a problem requiring treatment. Because drugs and alcohol affect the way the brain works, it can be nearly impossible for a person currently in the throes of addiction to see and understand reality. Nonetheless, Middlegate will keep doing the best we can to help make a difference.

Are you currently battling a substance abuse or addiction problem? If so, we would like the opportunity to help make a change in your life. We can do so by connecting you with a drug or alcohol treatment programme in Dumfriesshire. We work with private clinics and other organisations in the Dumfriesshire area, offering both in and outpatient services. If there is a treatment programme out there for you, and there is, we can connect you to it.

Time Is Ticking Away

In the days of analogue clocks with functional movements, we used to say that ‘time is ticking away’. The principle is still true in the digital age. Every minute that goes by is another minute your life is being controlled by drugs or alcohol. This is time you can never recapture. What you lose today is lost forever. Is the lost time worth it in light of the temporary pleasure drugs and alcohol bring you? We suggest not.

The good news is that your future is in your hands. You can make the commitment now to reclaim your life. You can decide to make the most of your remaining time by seeking treatment to help you rid yourself of drugs or alcohol. If you make that commitment, we will come alongside to assist you.

Middlegate can help you by providing you with a comprehensive assessment of your current circumstances. We can help you figure out how serious your problem is, as well as your best options for treatment. We will even go through a list of treatment providers in Dumfriesshire along with what they offer. Then we will leave you alone to make your choice.

No Future in Substance Abuse

We hope you will consider our offer of help. We also hope you understand that there is no future in substance abuse or addiction. A life of dependence on drugs or alcohol can only lead to one end: the loss of everything you hold dear – including your life. Do not throw it all away.

Middlegate counsellors are standing by to speak with you right now. Whether you call or send an e-mail, your contact is the first step on the road to recovery. Now is the time to take that step.

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