In the heart of Glasgow is The People’s Palace and Winter Gardens, which is a museum showcasing life in the city from 1750 until the present day. The People’s Palace was opened in 1898 and was established as a place of culture for the people of Glasgow to visit. It provided recreation and reading rooms in which people could escape the overcrowded places they lived in.
Today it tells the story of how the city has evolved over the years and gives visitors an idea of what life was like hundreds of years ago. Visitors can see how difficult it was even just fifty years ago when many of the city’s residents lived in tenement houses or ‘single ends’ as they were known. However, it is clear to see that, although life may have been tough, there were plenty of opportunities for fun and socialising in the Barrowland Ballroom at ‘The Dancing’.
Things have changed in recent years and Glasgow now has Scotland’s biggest economy. However, life for some Glasgow residents remains tough. For some, life is all about a daily struggle with addiction to substances such as alcohol or drugs.
Is Addiction Ruining Your Life?
If you live in Glasgow and suffering under the weight of a crippling addiction, Middlegate can help. You may have heard that it is tough to beat an addiction but it is even tougher to continue living with one. Substance addiction is not something that will just go away; it is an illness that needs to be treated. If you want to get better, you need to get help – Middlegate can provide you with that help.
We are a referral service operating in Glasgow and the rest of the UK and have all the information you need to make the right choice in terms of your treatment. Treatment of addiction requires addressing both the physical and mental aspects and we have access to a large network of treatment facilities from which you can get the help you need.
Treatments Available
For most addicts, it will be necessary to complete a detox to separate them from the substance to which they have become addicted. This approach will allow the body to eliminate the toxins that have been a part of it for so long. Once the body has been cleansed of these toxins, it will be time to address the emotional and mental aspects of the addiction. Most treatment clinics will use psychotherapeutic treatments to tackle the underlying cause of addiction and it is this type of treatment that will be used to prevent a relapse.
During psychotherapeutic treatments, individuals will typically discover the cause of the addiction and learn how to identify triggers, which they can then learn to avoid going forward.
At Middlegate, we are already helping numerous people from Glasgow with their addiction problems and we want to help you too. Call our team today and they will provide you with information on treatments available in your area.

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