Liverpool is a city on the west coast of England and is famous for its music and football clubs. Liverpool FC is one of the most decorated football clubs in the UK and has legions of fans all over the world. There are over 200 fan clubs for the team in more than 50 countries across the world, and people come from all corners of the globe to catch a glimpse of their favourite football stars.

Visitors to Anfield, Liverpool FC’s stadium, can also enjoy the delights of the city while they are there. With plenty of attractions including museums, galleries and cathedrals, as well as a number of top class restaurants and fantastic nightlife, there is plenty to do during a trip to Liverpool.

However, along with all the many delights that Liverpool has to offer, the city also has its share of problems, including the high number of people in the city suffering every day with addiction problems. Just as people in other UK cities suffer from alcohol and drug dependencies, so too do some Liverpool residents. Unfortunately, this has become a way of life for too many people. The good news is that there are many treatments available for addiction in Liverpool and beyond.

Do Not Struggle Alone

Nobody in Liverpool should have to struggle alone with the weight of an addiction. Middlegate is here to offer support and advice to those who ask for help. We work with a large number of treatment providers including the NHS, private clinics, local support groups, and charity organisations. We have access to information on the various treatments available for all types of addiction, and we are providing that information to our clients in Liverpool and the rest of the UK.

Available Treatments

The type of treatment you will require will depend on your set of circumstances. Middlegate’s team of fully trained staff will listen to you regarding your individual needs and will advise you of the various treatments available. We offer a free, comprehensive assessment service for our clients and, once complete, we will inform them of their options.

The type of addiction, as well as the severity, will be deciding factors in the kind of treatment provider you are referred to. In general, those who have less severe problems may find that a visit to their GP is the first step. GPs will have access to local support groups and may be able to prescribe suitable medication.

When addiction problems are more severe, clients are usually referred for residential treatment at a private clinic. In this type of environment, clients are treated without outside interference or distractions. Some clients will require an intense medically supervised detox programme.

If you live in Liverpool and you are suffering from addiction, call Middlegate now to access the information you need to begin a life free from addiction. We will support you every step of the way because we want to make sure you succeed in your battle against dependency.

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