Would you be surprised to know that Cumbria welcomes more than 16 million tourists every year? More than 36,000 county residents are employed by the tourism industry; it is an industry that adds millions to the local economy every year. However, behind the picturesque backdrops of the coastline and interior are the very real problems of substance abuse and addiction.

As with almost every other county in the UK, Cumbria is working hard to meet the needs of substance abusers and addicts. Middlegate is proud to be part of that effort. We offer free and confidential services to addicts and their families looking for treatment in Cumbria. Our services include free advice and treatment referrals.

When you speak with one of our counsellors, you will quickly understand that we are genuinely concerned about your health and well-being. Our number one priority is to make sure everyone who contacts us is connected to an appropriate treatment provider. Without that goal, the services we offer would be in vain.

Recognising the Problem

There are a number of signs and symptoms indicating a drug or alcohol problem exists. We have listed those signs and symptoms on other pages of our website. If you have read them, and you recognise any of them in your own life, there is a good chance you are either a serious substance abuser or a full-blown addict. Both problems require professional help from trained clinicians who are experts at what they do.

Rehab services are available in Cumbria through a number of providers. The most serious problems are usually best served via residential treatment at a private clinic. We work with the best clinics in Cumbria and throughout the UK. Less serious problems may be effectively treated with outpatient services provided by the NHS or a local charity.

The only way to know what treatment is right for you is to first understand what you are dealing with. If you recognise a problem, the next step is to contact Middlegate so we can figure out how serious it is. Our trained counsellors are more than capable of providing a comprehensive assessment of your condition. With that assessment, we will be able to put together a list of treatment options you can choose from. Rest assured that we would explain each option separately.

Your Future Awaits

You did not become a drug addict or alcoholic overnight; your recovery will not be completed overnight, either. Recovery is a journey that takes some time to complete. Nevertheless, on the other end is a future free of addictive substances and behaviours. We want to help you make that future a reality.

Right now, you may feel as though there is no way out of your current problems. You may feel as though you have no hope. Please contact us so we can talk about it. You can call us on the phone, send an e-mail, or simply use the contact form here on site. We are here to help you start the process of recovery.

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