Essex is a county of contrasts. To the south, it is an area that acts as an overflow for Londoners looking to get out of the fast-paced city. To the north, agricultural pursuits still rule the day. Driving from one end of Essex to the other demonstrates this all too well.

When you get beyond economic factors, there is also another contrast few people take time to consider. It is the contrast between those who suffer from substance abuse or addiction and those who do not. The two may seem as if they are worlds apart, but they are really not. Substance abuse and addiction affect everyone in Essex to one extent or another.

Where do you fit in this equation? Are you a heavy drinker or drug user? Whether you are already addicted or well on your way, Middlegate is here to help you. We can help by offering you sound advice and treatment referrals in Essex. And make no mistake; there is no shortage of rehab clinics and support groups in the county.

Nothing to Lose

Why should you contact Middlegate for help? Because you have absolutely nothing to lose by doing so. Quite the contrary; you have a lot to gain. If you are willing to let us connect you to a rehab clinic in Essex, you could be well on your way toward recovery by this time tomorrow. Think about what that would mean to you and your family.

Imagine once again being that spouse or parent you used to be before substance abuse set in. Imagine being able to re-establish yourself in your career. Imagine all of the possibilities open to you once you are free from the drugs or alcohol that currently hold you prisoner. There is an entire life waiting for you beyond substance abuse or addiction. You just need to make the choice to go find it.

On the other side of the coin are all of the losses you could face if you decide not to get treatment. You could lose your spouse and children. You could lose your job and, eventually, your home and all of your personal possessions. And of course, you could lose your health as well. Addiction might even kill you in the end. That does not sound attractive, does it?

Time to Take Action

We have made some pretty stark statements because we want to get your attention. Now that we have it, it is time to take action. It is time for you to contact Middlegate so that we can connect you to a treatment provider in Essex.

You may need a residential programme lasting for up to 12 weeks. That’s fine. We work with private clinics offering those services. You may have a problem that would be better treated through a combination of 12-step work and medical care from your physician. We can help you make that happen as well.

There is help for drug and alcohol recovery in Essex. Middlegate can help you find it.

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