It should be no surprise that the history of the Isle of Wight is intrinsically tied to maritime industries. The island has been a centre of shipbuilding and sail manufacturing for generations. And as you know, it is known for its extensive tourism thanks to the likes of Queen Victoria, Algernon Swinburne, and Alfred Lloyd Tennyson. Yet the Isle of Wight is also a place in which alcohol and drugs are problematic.
The general tourism atmosphere of the island is such that the free flow of alcohol is normal. At every local bar and pub you will find people enjoying one another’s company with a cold beer or their favourite drink. However, there are those who go above and beyond casual drinking into substance abuse involving both alcohol and drugs. Perhaps you are visiting our website because you are struggling yourself.
Middlegate is here to help you find the treatment you need in the Isle of Wight. Our extensive knowledge of drug and alcohol rehab programmes puts us in an ideal position to help both substance abusers and their families. And that is exactly what we do. Our services are available through our telephone hotline, e-mail or the contact form here on our site.

Life Can Be Different

A person struggling with a drug or alcohol problem usually finds his/her quality of life gradually decreasing. By the time substance abuse becomes full-blown addiction, the individual tends to have very little hope remaining. It is just assumed that drugs or alcohol will be the most important factor in life from that point on. Nevertheless, things can be different. The substance abuser or addict can leave such problems behind with the right treatment.
So, how are you doing? Have you reached a point at which you do not believe there is any hope for getting well? If so, why not contact us and let us show you otherwise. We know that there is no drug or alcohol problem so serious that it cannot be treated. Time and again we have seen clients call us, enrol in a treatment programme, and come out the other end to lead a full and productive life free of addictive substances. You can too.
It is okay if you cannot see the future clearly right now. In fact, it is normal. Sustained drug and alcohol use interferes with the ability to think clearly. Nonetheless, would you trust us? Will you trust the experience and knowledge we have pertaining to substance abuse and addiction? We hope so.

Treatment Does Work

We believe the most important thing for you to know right now is that treatment really does work. With the help of trained clinicians and compassionate support staff, you can learn how to overcome substance abuse or addiction permanently. So many others have already done so.
Middlegate is standing by right now to help you find a treatment programme in the Isle of Wight. Whether you need residential treatment or outpatient care, we have all the information you need to access it.

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