For most of the 19th century, Lancashire was an industrial powerhouse that led England in manufacturing and exports. Today, the county is supported mainly by the defence industry and nuclear power generation. Its reputation as a blue-collar county of hard-working, family oriented individuals remains nonetheless. Accompanying that blue-collar lifestyle is in ample supply of local pubs satisfying the thirst of local residents.
Though alcohol consumption is reasonable and moderate for most people, there are those who have trouble controlling how much they drink. There are others who have similar problems with cannabis, heroin, and other drugs. Substance abuse and addiction are the inevitable result. However, drug and alcohol related problems do not have to determine an individual’s course of life.
At Middlegate, we specialise in coming alongside those with drug and alcohol problems. Nevertheless, our purpose is not to simply engage and enable. Our purpose is to help clients actually solve those problems before they get any worse. How do we do that? By providing free substance abuse assessments, sound advice based on the latest knowledge and referral services to rehab clinics and other treatment providers.

You Deserve a Chance

Just because Lancashire is a blue-collar county does not mean residents are less deserving of a second chance. Indeed, you deserve a chance to get the treatment you need to solve your drug or alcohol problems. That chance is waiting for you if you are willing to make the choice to contact us by telephone, e-mail or through our website contact form.
Your chance to get well begins with telling us all about you problems. Trust us; we want to hear about them. What you tell us enables us to assess the severity of your problem so that we can recommend the right kinds of treatments. Also, do not be afraid to ask us any questions you might have about treatment.
We have had clients ask us for information about the cost of residential rehab. Others want to know how long rehab takes or what types of therapies are utilised. All of these questions are great questions with concrete answers. By asking, you will get all the information you need to make an informed decision about your health and your recovery options.

Recovery Starts Today

Above all else, we want you to know that recovery from drugs or alcohol is a process. There is no magic pill that will take away a habit that has become so ingrained in your life. Nonetheless, with the right treatment in Lancashire, complete recovery is possible. Getting started today means your life could be drastically different one year from now.
Imagine living a life not dependent on drugs or alcohol for happiness. Imagine being able to enjoy the company of your family and friends without a bottle or pill. A full and productive life is out there, waiting for you to make the choice to seek treatment. We are waiting as well. Middlegate counsellors are ready to speak with you if you are willing to get in touch.

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