Leeds is one of the largest cities in Yorkshire and is considered the financial heart of the county. It has three universities and has the biggest legal centre in the UK behind London. It is also home to many attractions including Leeds City Museum, Temple Newsam, and Thackray Museum.

Leeds is also home to a couple of racecourses, Pontefract and Wetherby racecourses. For some, a day at the races can be exciting and fun. However, for others, a day at the races could turn into a complete nightmare. These individuals are considered problem gamblers and the addiction they are suffering with can be devastating to them and their families.

However, for gambling addicts and those addicted to substances such as drugs and alcohol, help is available – this help comes in the form of Middlegate.

We Are Here to Help

Middlegate is working in the heart of Leeds helping those like you who are suffering with addiction problems. We understand what you are going through and are here to offer you a friendly ear and a helping hand through this difficult period in your life. You are not alone; no matter how isolated you may feel at times.

We have helped countless people from all over the UK to get the help they needed to break the cycle of addiction that they were in. We can help you too. We know that there is not one single treatment that will work for everyone, which is why we have detailed information on all types of treatment available for every addiction. Even if you have tried rehab before and failed, there is a treatment that will work for you. And we will help you find it.

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If you are a Leeds resident struggling to cope with the problems caused by addiction then we want to hear from you. You may have a compulsion to gamble or an urge to take certain substances that are harmful; whatever it is, we can help. Our trained staff can help with any type of addiction and have in-depth knowledge on the treatments that can help.

We work with treatment centres across Leeds and the rest of the UK – these centres are working with addicts just like you. They are providing treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy sessions, or twelve-step programmes, which are helping individuals to beat the addictions that have plagued them for years.

Whether it is an NHS programme, a private clinic, or a charity organisation, we can help you find the right provider for your circumstances. Our staff will assess your requirements based on the information that you provide over the telephone and your journey can begin immediately. All you have to do is make the initial call.

You will not be judged and our staff will not lecture you. They understand what you are going through and will provide you with a sympathetic and understanding ear. Anything you say will be treated with the strictest confidence. Call today for free and impartial advice.

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