Is drinking controlling your life? Do you find yourself binge drinking more often than you would like? Do family members and friends regularly express concern over your drinking habits? Answering ‘yes’ to any of these questions suggests you might have an alcohol problem requiring professional help. We encourage you to call us at Middlegate so that we can help you determine how serious your problem might be. We can refer you to alcohol rehab in Surrey if necessary.

Your options for rehab are numerous. There are private clinics offering residential programmes ranging from four to 12 weeks; there are local charities and other organisations providing outpatient programmes that can be combined for the best results. The point to understand is that there are enough options available to meet any need, regardless of the seriousness of your alcohol misuse.

In order to help you however, we need to speak with you. This enables us to assess your circumstances so that we can refer you to the proper types of treatments. When you contact Middlegate, you will be working with professional counsellors who have the knowledge and experience to effectively assist you.

Residential Treatment For Alcohol And Drugs

The most serious alcohol problems require the most intense treatments. Middlegate tends to recommend residential treatment at a private clinic for full-blown alcoholics or alcohol abusers who have failed to overcome using outpatient treatments. We prefer residential treatment in these cases because of its proven record of success.

Residential treatment separates the alcohol abuser from those circumstances that enable his or her behaviour to continue. Through both detox and rehabilitative therapy, the individual breaks free from the control of alcohol and learns how to avoid it in the future. Residential treatment is followed by several months of aftercare services providing the support necessary to avoid relapse.

At Middlegate, we understand that people are different. Residential alcohol rehab in Surrey may not be appropriate to your circumstances. In such a case, we can also advise you regarding outpatient rehab offered through a number of channels. We can provide you with information about local charities, support groups and even the services provided by the NHS. The important thing is that you get help.

Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

We cannot emphasise enough the need for alcohol abusers to get professional help. Alcohol is a powerful drug that alters the way the body works. Most of those changes occur in the brain, where neurotransmitters are prevented by the alcohol from performing as they are supposed to. When a person withdraws from alcohol, the changes in brain activity can lead to a medical emergency. You should never attempt to withdraw from alcohol on your own.

Alcohol rehab in Surrey includes medically supervised detox and rehabilitative therapy. A medically supervised programme allows for safe rehab with less severe withdrawal symptoms and a lower risk of complications. For your own sake, take advantage of professional help.

Middlegate is here to help you access alcohol rehab in Surrey whenever you are ready. Just contact us to get started.

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