Newcastle upon Tyne is a city in North East England in the metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear. One of the city’s biggest sectors is tourism, with people coming from all over the UK and other parts of Europe to enjoy the many attractions and to sample a pint of Newcastle Brown Ale. Newcastle is famous for its nightlife and is a favourite location for hen and stag party weekends.

One of the city’s most popular destinations for a night out is the Gate Complex, in which are many bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants. The city is among the top ten cities in the UK for nightlife. The reality TV show Geordie Shore has made the city even more popular for weekend breaks with those that want to try out the famous clubs for themselves.

However, with such an enormous emphasis on nightlife in the city, it is no surprise that alcohol and drug problems affect Newcastle in the same way it does every other city in the UK. People in Newcastle are suffering from the same issues that people from other cities are every day, but Middlegate is here to help.

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Middlegate is a referral service offering help and advice to those that need it. We are working with clients from all over Newcastle, and we want to help you too. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction problems or with a compulsive behaviour disorder, we find the ideal treatment centre at which help is available.

Our service is free and confidential, and we make it our aim to ensure that anyone that gets in touch receives the advice and information required to make an informed decision regarding his or her treatment. If you think you may have developed an addiction then contact us for a comprehensive assessment. If you do not have an addiction, we can at least help to put your mind at ease. However, if we feel that you are indeed suffering from an illness, you have come to the right place in terms of getting help.

How Will We Help?

People suffering addiction problems in Newcastle can access a number of treatment options, including both residential and outpatient programmes. We work with the NHS, charity organisations, and private clinics all over the UK and can put you in touch with a suitable provider based on your situation.

For those suffering from a severe addiction problem, it is typical to be referred to an inpatient programme. This usually means a residential stay of between four and twelve weeks. Once the residential period is up, clients are provided with an aftercare programme that is designed to prevent relapse.

However, Middlegate knows that residential treatment will not be suitable for everyone, so in these cases we will work with an outpatient programme to ensure our clients get the care they need. Whatever your situation, we will work hard to make sure that you are put in touch with a suitable provider. For more information on the treatment options available, call Middlegate today.

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