Northumberland has the distinction of being the northernmost county in England. It shares a border with Scotland, as well as a rich history thanks to the many ancient battles that have taken place there. Today, Northumberland is known for its vast areas of undeveloped land, including the protected Northumberland National Park. It is a shame that this beautiful region of England cannot be enjoyed to its fullest by those whose lives are entangled with drugs and alcohol.

Substance abuse and addiction are very real problems in Northumberland. There are people living in the county who cannot get by a single day without drinking in excess. There are others who began a casual drug habit by using cannabis, only to eventually start using heroin, crack, and other addictive drugs. They all have one thing in common: they can put an end to their drink and drug problems with professional treatment and support. That is where Middlegate comes in.

As a referral organisation, Middlegate is here to assist addicts and their families in Northumberland locate appropriate drug and alcohol treatment programmes. We make it our business to stay abreast of all the treatments offered in the county at any given time. This enables us to provide the necessary information to our clients as soon as they contact us. We are ready to assist you as well.

Are You Ready to Fight?

Imagine the warriors of old lining up for battle on either side of the Scottish-English border. Several Hollywood films have given us some insight into what that must have been like, yet it is hard to truly know the struggles of battle without actually experiencing it. Likewise, it is hard for someone who has never dealt with drug or alcohol problems to truly understand how tough the battle is.

You might be interested to know that there are counsellors and other support staff who have endured their own drug or alcohol battle prior to being employed by a rehab clinic. This means you could potentially be assisted in your recovery by someone who has been in your shoes. And if not, treatment still involves recovery with other individuals who are currently undergoing the same challenges. You can all work together to pull one another through.

Are you ready to join others who have decided to fight for sobriety? Are you ready to do battle against the drug or alcohol problems that weigh so heavily on you? The battle begins by e-mailing or calling us here at Middlegate. The sooner you reach out for help, the sooner we can get you connected with a rehab clinic in Northumberland.

Multiple Treatment Options

Middlegate has access to treatment programmes offered by public organisations and private clinics. The sheer number of options means that it is possible to find appropriate treatment for any circumstance or budget. There is a treatment programme out there perfectly suited to you. We can help you find it. Middlegate offers free advice and referral services to addicts and their families in Northumberland.

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