Mention the county of Nottinghamshire to outsiders and they are most likely to associate it with the city of Nottingham and Sherwood Forest of Robin Hood fame. Indeed, Sherwood Forest is an important part of the history and culture of the county. However, Nottinghamshire is more than just its royal forests. It is a county covering 830 mi² that is home to more than 1 million people.

It might be hard to imagine that a region as picturesque as Nottinghamshire has to deal with drug and alcohol issues. But that is reality. Drugs and alcohol are problems all across England. Between substance abuse and full-blown addiction, there are people throughout the region in desperate need of professional help. Middlegate is here to help them get what they need.

Treatment for one person might mean outpatient services that include prescription medications and counselling. For another it might mean a seven-day detox programme followed by 4 to 12 weeks of residential rehab. One of the most important things to know is that effective treatments are available regardless of the seriousness of your drug or alcohol problem.

Why Treatment Is Necessary

It is not uncommon for people to contact Middlegate with legitimate questions about why treatment is necessary. Many people believe alcohol and drug problems can be conquered simply through a decision to abstain. For some people such a decision is possible. Nevertheless, others have been so affected by substance abuse that they can no longer think clearly enough to make an abstinence decision. These are the people who need professional intervention.

A good way to determine whether you need help or not is to go through the established list of symptoms associated with substance abuse and addiction. We have listed those symptoms on other pages of our website, so we will not go through them again here. Please keep in mind that our trained counsellors can also review them with you when you call or e-mail us.

If you exhibit any of the symptoms, there is a good chance you are either addicted or well on your way to being so. This suggests that you have a problem in need of professional help. Should we identify such a problem, the next step is for you to make a decision to undergo treatment at a residential rehab clinic or outpatient centre in Nottinghamshire. There are several to choose from. Contact us today so we can give you the necessary information.

No Time like the Present

We imagine you have heard the phrase ‘there is no time like the present’. It is a phrase that easily applies to the topic of substance abuse and addiction recovery. The sooner a substance abuser or addict gets the treatment he/she needs to get well, the sooner recovery can be completed. There is no point in waiting when treatment programmes are available in Nottinghamshire.

With just one phone call or e-mail to Middlegate, you can begin the process of recovery. We are here to assist you with free and confidential services.

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