Sunderland has seen a substantial re-development in recent years. The Sunniside area of the city now has a number of new cafes, restaurants and retailers, as well as a casino and cinema.

The Bridges Shopping Centre is popular for shopping in the city, with many of the country’s top retailers having stores there. Those that love a bit of retail therapy can enjoy a day at the Bridges Shopping Centre, followed by a nice meal or a film at the Empire Cinema.

Sunderland’s shopping attracts 26 million visitors each year; shopping for some, though, can be a compulsion. In Sunderland, as with every other city in the UK, compulsive behaviour disorders and substance addictions are problems that must be dealt with.

There are many residents of Sunderland struggling to cope every day under the weight of their problems. Perhaps you are one of them.

Let Us Help You

Some people spend all their time engaging in compulsive activities such as shopping or gambling. Others cannot function without reaching for a bottle of alcohol; other still are using illegal drugs or prescription medication to get them through the day. These people will not get better without help – this is where Middlegate comes in.

Our job is to assist those with addiction by providing free advice, assessments, and treatment referrals in Sunderland. We work with a huge network of providers, including local charities and residential clinics. The treatment provider that we refer you to will depend on your circumstances and the severity of your problem.

Middlegate’s philosophy is that every client has individual needs and, therefore, needs an individual service. We will make sure that any treatment plan recommended is tailored to suit the needs of the individual and we do this by listening carefully to those that call us. Our expert advisors will assess each client’s needs by giving them the opportunity to explain the problems they are dealing with and by encouraging them to be frank about what their expectations are.

Individual Needs

Middlegate knows that every client is different and that no single treatment will work for everyone. We believe that a tailored plan should be created for each client because that is the best way to get results. Fortunately, the people we work with feel the same.

The type of treatment you receive will depend on what is expected to work for you. Some people with more serious illnesses may be referred for residential treatment while others will benefit from a group therapy approach.

It is important that you call our advisors as soon as possible because the sooner you begin your programme of rehabilitation the sooner you can start to enjoy your life again. A life free from addiction could be yours as long as you are prepared to commit to the programme and make a conscious effort to change your life for the better. Call Middlegate today, and we can help you on your journey to recovery.

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