In Cornwall, it is all about the coast. Nearly everything on the peninsula is in some way related to the coastal waters that provide an abundance of opportunities for both industry and leisure. Whether you are a fisherman, dockworker or holiday tourist, Cornwall has something for everyone. It even has treatment options for people struggling with alcohol or drugs.

As with nearly every other portion of the UK, Cornwall is not immune to the problems created by substance abuse. Every day there are people in need of emergency medical treatment as a result of a substance related accident or illness. In addition, people are suffering the loss of their relationships, their employment, their homes, and even their lives because of using drugs or alcohol. If you find yourself in such a situation, Middlegate wants to help.

We are an experienced organisation providing free treatment referrals, evaluations, and advice to those in need. Our primary objective is to connect you with those who can provide the treatment you need to get well. Moreover, even if you are not suffering yourself, we can help you on behalf of a loved one who is. There is no need for you or someone you love to continue living in the bondage of drugs or alcohol in Cornwall. Treatments are available if you want them.

Recovery Requires Treatment

Please know that substance abuse and addiction are two problems that will not go away on their own. You need treatment if you want to fully recover once and for all. Treatment can address just the physical aspects of your problem or, for a more thorough recovery, both the physical and mental. We recommend the combined approach for most people.

The combined approach begins with detox for those who are already experiencing dependence. Detox separates you from your substance of choice in order to allow your body to naturally cleanse itself of the toxins within. Only then can the mental and emotional aspects of substance abuse be addressed.

The second component of the combined approach is a series of psychotherapeutic treatments to help you overcome and prevent relapse. Psychotherapeutic treatment helps the individual to identify how substance abuse works, what triggers it, and how to avoid it in the future.

Your Time Is Now

Here at Middlegate, we do not exist in order to get rich off your problems. We want nothing more than to assist you in finding and accessing the treatment you need to get well. That is why we offer all of our services free of charge. When you call us or send an e-mail, we will not charge you a thing. You have nothing to lose by contacting us.

Also understand that all of our contacts are kept in the strictest of confidence. You can get in touch with Middlegate in the full knowledge that no one ever need know we talked. It is entirely up to you to decide what you want to do with the information we provide, including whom you choose to tell.

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