Northamptonshire’s geographic position in in the Eastern Midlands makes it a perfect gateway for people travelling between the North and South of England. The region has a number of important canals, several railway lines, and access to multiple major roads. Sections of the M1 and M40 motorways pass through the county.

With all of that coming and going, one would expect that Northamptonshire experiences a certain level of activity relating to drugs and alcohol. Well, it does. Northamptonshire is not immune to addiction and substance abuse any more than the rest of England. However, as with most other counties, Northamptonshire also offers plenty of opportunities for rehab. It is simply a matter of finding the right one for the right situation.

If you are dealing with a drug or alcohol problem yourself, there is no reason you need to continue living this way. There are lots of people ready and waiting to reach out to you with the help you need to overcome. In fact, we work with a whole host of residential clinics and other treatment providers staffed by caring individuals who are genuinely concerned about your health and well-being. It only takes a single phone call or e-mail to access that help.

A Better Life Awaits

Drinking and drug use is such that it robs people of the opportunity to live normal, healthy, and productive lives. Drink and drugs change the way we think, altering our perceptions of reality to the point where it is nearly impossible to think clearly. Nevertheless, there is a way out. A better life awaits you if you are interested in going after it. Nonetheless, you have to be willing.

Many drug and alcohol recovery experts have said that no substance abuser or addict can truly be helped until he/she wants to be helped. We do not disagree. However, we would go one-step further. We believe there is no one who wants to be helped that cannot be. Here at Middlegate, we believe everyone who generally wants to conquer drug and alcohol problems can do so with proper treatment and support.

We offer that opportunity by way of residential clinics and outpatient treatment services. Our list of treatment providers can handle just about any alcohol or drug problem regardless of individual circumstances and budgets. We only need an opportunity to speak with you to get you started on the road to recovery.

You Deserve Better

We know you did not purposely set out to get in trouble with drugs or alcohol. As such, we also know you deserve a better life. Let our trained and experienced counsellors walk you through all the treatment options available in Northamptonshire today. We can refer you to those that are most suitable to your circumstances.

Middlegate is an experienced organisation helping addicts and their families find the services they need to solve their problems. We offer free advice, comprehensive drug and alcohol assessments, and referrals to proven treatment providers. We are standing by to assist you whenever you are ready.

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