When you think of Leicestershire, what comes to mind? The county’s history of farming and food production is what sets the region apart for many local residents. For example, Leicestershire is the home of the pork pie, red Leicestershire cheese and the famous Pukka Pies fish and chips. However, along with great food and good times comes the real problem of drug and alcohol abuse.
Leicestershire is a county with a population in excess of 980,000. With so many residents, you would expect to find some battling substance abuse or drug addiction. Indeed, such is the case. That is why Middlegate is committed to helping improve the lives of those in need. We help substance abusers and addicts locate the best treatment options in Leicestershire.
We work with all sorts of treatment providers including private clinics and local support groups. We can refer you to NHS services, private counsellors, and charities as well. We are committed to helping you access the right treatment for you regardless of who provides it. Best of all, we do not charge you a thing.

Don’t Go Alone

You might be wondering why you should contact Middlegate rather than trying to find treatment on your own. The answer is simple: we have already done the legwork for you. One of our goals at Middlegate is to maintain an up-to-date database of treatment providers and the services they offer. That way, you can instantly have the information you need rather than spending weeks or months doing the research on your own.
By contacting us, you could be ready to make a treatment decision within minutes. We believe this is far better than expecting you to research treatment options by yourself, as doing so is a good way to get frustrated and quit. And quitting is the last thing we want for you. If you have made the decision to seek treatment, we want to help you take advantage of that decision right away.
The services we provide our clients include free referrals, sound advice, and comprehensive assessments. A comprehensive assessment looks at all of the factors contributing to your current substance abuse or addiction problem. Only by considering all those factors can we determine the best course of treatment. Needless to say, we don’t believe every treatment is appropriate for every client.

It’s Time to Change Your Life

Leicestershire is a wonderful place to live due to its many unique features. Would you believe us if we told you that you have your own unique contribution to offer? You do. What you can offer your community is invaluable. Unfortunately, you cannot effectively contribute as long as you are being controlled by drugs or alcohol. So let’s change that.
Right now is the best time to take the first step in changing your life for the better. The first step is to contact Middlegate so we can help you find drug or alcohol treatment in Leicestershire. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get started turning your life around.

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