Lincolnshire has been described as a region of England in which life runs at a slower pace. It is a rural county where many small towns and villages still observe the Thursday half-day closing tradition. To visit this quiet and comfortable region of England, you would never know that alcohol and drugs are a problem here. Nevertheless, they are. The truth is that no county in the UK is exempt.

It is commonly believed that as many as 6% to 7% of all adults in England exhibit signs of alcohol dependence. Those numbers do not even consider alcohol abusers or individuals using illicit drugs or prescription medications. Combining all of the alcohol and drug use would likely result in a significantly higher number. Having said that, not all hope is lost. There are plenty of rehab treatments available in Lincolnshire and the surrounding area.

There are private, residential clinics offering substance abusers and addicts concentrated treatment programmes lasting between 4 and 12 weeks. There are also professional counsellors who specialise in drug and alcohol recovery. Lastly, local support groups, charities and the NHS all offer various treatments for those in need.

Locating and Accessing Treatment

One option for locating and accessing treatment is to spend your time online and on the phone, researching all of the available clinics in Lincolnshire. Doing so represents a tremendous investment of time and effort. There is a second, more efficient option: contacting Middlegate. We are an experienced organisation capable referring you to one of a long list of treatment providers in Lincolnshire.

One of our primary missions is to investigate treatment options and who offers them. If there is a treatment out there for you, and we believe there is, Middlegate knows about it. Our trained and compassionate counsellors have the knowledge and tools necessary to conduct comprehensive assessments before recommending treatment options.

When you contact us, we will explain each treatment option open to you. We will answer all of your questions as well. Once you are fully armed with the necessary knowledge, you ultimately choose whether to seek treatment or not. Should you choose to go further, we can provide our recommendations. If necessary, we can help you make admission arrangements. It all starts with a single phone call or e-mail.

Your New Life

Assuming you agree that life is slower and more laid back in Lincolnshire, would it not be great to experience that once again? You can. Your new life awaits you at the other end of a successful treatment programme. So why not start moving in that direction today. We can help you begin the journey to your new life if you are ready to get started.

Your journey is something that will take time and effort, for sure. However, with an organisation such as Middlegate on your side we know you can do it. For sound advice, comprehensive assessments, and free referral services, your best option in Lincolnshire is Middlegate. Our counsellors are standing by 24 hours a day to speak with you.

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