Gwynedd County has the dual distinctions of being one of the largest governmental areas in Wales and one of the least populated. Vast areas of rural countryside are the signature of this north-west Welsh county alongside a vast coastline on the Irish Sea. Yet even the low population density and a lack of major towns or cities do not prevent drugs or alcohol from being problems in Gwynedd County. Indeed, substance abuse and addiction do exist here.

Are you among those in Gwynedd County unable to cope with daily life without drugs or alcohol? If so, we can help. We work with clinics and other service providers offering the latest treatments for substance abuse and addiction. You can learn to live without addictive substances with the help of counsellors and other clinicians who have extensive experience treating substance abuse issues.

Please understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of in admitting you need help with drugs or alcohol. In fact, admitting you need help is a good thing. It shows that you are ready to begin taking responsibility for yourself and your life. Now you need to follow up that decision by getting yourself into a treatment programme.

Treatment Does Work

In the 1930s, two Americans recovering from alcoholism came to the conclusion that modern society was not doing enough to provide treatment for alcohol related problems. These two men set about to change that by establishing Alcoholics Anonymous. The success of their organisation has been unparalleled ever since. It is proof that treatment does work among those who genuinely want to get well.

Treatment works by addressing the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of substance abuse and addiction. Some need only treat the mental and emotional; others need to address the physical as well. What you need depends on the current state of your abuse or addiction problem.

Treating the mental and emotional comes down to utilising things such as group support, counselling, and skills building exercises to identify the root causes of addictive behaviour. Once identified, those behaviours can be avoided through strategic practices developed between counsellors and clients.

Treating the physical involves a combination of detox and, when necessary, additional medications. It should be noted that a person fully addicted to drugs or alcohol cannot begin to undergo mental and emotional treatment until physical treatment is completed. You must detox before you do anything else.

Assisting Those in Need

Middlegate exists to assist those in need of treatment in Gwynedd County. We refer our clients to inpatient and outpatient programmes offered by a variety of organisations. Outpatient recovery is typically the domain of the NHS, charities, and local support groups. Inpatient recovery is offered by private residential clinics.

We would like the opportunity to speak with you regarding your drug or alcohol problem. We can help you assess your situation, walk you through a list of available treatments in Gwynedd County, and help you make arrangements to start treatment right away. Will you let us help you?

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