Alcohol rehab may be something that sounds frightening to the person struggling with alcohol misuse or abuse. However, it can be lifesaving. For many people, rehab is the only hope for breaking free from alcohol related problems including abuse and dependence. We urge you to seriously consider rehab if you are struggling with drinking.

Alcohol rehab in Middlesex is possible thanks to the efforts of caring professionals at private clinics and other service providers. Middlegate works with these professionals to ensure individuals struggling with alcohol get the help they need. Are you struggling? If so, we encourage you to contact us by telephone, e-mail or the contact page of this website.

Middlegate is an organisation providing free advice and treatment referrals to alcohol abusers and their families. We help those in need determine the seriousness of an alcohol problem prior to advising them as to the best types of treatments. And trust us when we say there are many treatment options available. From inpatient treatment in a residential clinic to outpatient treatment offered by a local charity, there is an option perfectly suited to any need.

Understanding Your Problem

The key to determining the best treatment for you lies in understanding the seriousness of your problem. Are you a problem drinker or an alcohol abuser? Alternatively, perhaps you are a full-blown alcoholic who has been drinking for years. The seriousness of alcohol misuse determines what types of treatments will be most effective. That is why we encourage you to contact us. We can provide you with a confidential assessment that will determine your level of alcohol misuse.

Once we understand how serious your problem is, we can determine how to best refer you for treatment. At Middlegate, we believe in bespoke treatment plans rather than funnelling every client into a single treatment. Each person is different, and each person needs a treatment programme designed around his or her unique circumstances.

The private clinics and other treatment providers we work with understand this approach as well. Whether your treatment comes by way of a residential programme or a combination of outpatient services, we want to make sure you are helped in the best way possible. You may not get that kind of help if you simply go to your GP and get a prescription.

Free and Confidential

Contacting Middlegate for more information about alcohol rehab in Middlesex is completely risk-free. Our services are provided at no cost to you, and all of our contacts remain completely confidential. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol misuse, there really is no reason to continue on this way. With just a phone call or e-mail, you can get the help you need to recover.

Middlegate is an organisation which works with numerous treatment providers around the UK. Our experience allows us to refer clients to the treatments most likely to work for them. We hope you will take advantage of our services for alcohol rehab in Middlesex.

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