Alcohol abuse and addiction are nothing new to major cities like London. The misuse of alcohol is one of those dark secrets no one likes to talk about in public. However, the fact remains that thousands of people are struggling every day with drinking. You might be one of them. If so, there are plenty of opportunities for alcohol rehab in North London.

North London generally consists of the districts and boroughs north of the River Thames. As you know, this encompasses quite a large geographic region. It is a region large enough to accommodate alcohol rehab through private clinics, NHS facilities, local charities and more. At Middlegate, our goal is to be a contact point between treatment providers and those in need.

We work with both alcohol abusers and their families by providing free advice and referral services. When dealing with the abusers themselves, we can help assess the seriousness of the problem before recommending the best course of treatment. When family members or friends call, we can offer advice about conducting an intervention or living with the alcoholic until such time as he or she decides to get help.

We Can Help You

There is no alcohol abuse problem so severe that it cannot be treated. If you are willing to call or e-mail us, we can help you find and access the treatment options best for you. Our assistance begins with a comprehensive assessment conducted by one of our professional counsellors. That assessment will help us understand the severity of your problem.

Once we determine your level of dependence, we can walk you through appropriate treatment options. We may recommend outpatient rehab utilising professional counsellors and local charities. On the other hand, perhaps your dependence is severe enough to warrant a 4 to 12 week stay at a residential rehab clinic. We will recommend what is most appropriate to your circumstances.

Alcohol rehab in North London spans a full range of services, covering everything from detox to psychotherapeutic treatments to 12-step work. There are so many options to choose from that it would be impossible for us to list them all here. If you are willing to get in touch with us here at Middlegate, we can walk you through each option one of the time.

You Need Help In London

Assuming you are having a difficult time controlling your alcohol consumption, please understand that you need help. Excessive alcohol use alters the way your brain works to the extent that you might not fully grasp all that is going on. That also means you are probably not going to be able to beat your problem without proper treatment. That’s nothing to be ashamed of; it is normal for alcohol abuse.

The thing to be encouraged about is that help is available regardless of your location or budget. Middlegate makes it part of our mission to remain up-to-date with all of the treatment options in your local area. If there is a programme offering alcohol rehab in North London, we know about it. Let us help you take advantage of it.

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