Life used to be so enjoyable – before you started drinking. Now it is complicated and incredibly difficult just to get through a single day. Alcohol has such control over you that you find it challenging to even think about a life without drinking. Can we help you with your problem? Yes, we can.

Middlegate specialises in providing alcohol evaluations, advice, and free referrals to all those in need. We can help you locate alcohol rehab in Dorset through a number of different treatment providers. When you call us, you will be speaking to a fully trained counsellor who will evaluate your circumstances, recommend the best treatments, and, if necessary, help you make admission arrangements.

You could spend the next few weeks or months trying to figure out all of the treatment options on your own. However, that’s not necessary. Part of our mission at Middlegate is to gather the information for you. We always have it readily available, so that we can immediately help those who call. Rather than waiting a month to enter recovery programme, you could get started today.

Free and Confidential Advice

You should know that Middlegate is not a treatment provider. Rather, we are a support organisation providing free and confidential advice along with treatment referrals. We have working relationships with private rehab clinics, alcohol and drug charities, support groups and more. We make it a point to stay up to date with the various rehab programmes available in the Dorset area.

We may recommend you seek outpatient rehab if that is the best option for you. This kind of rehab includes a number of different treatments combined into a complete recovery plan. You may undergo counselling, 12-step work with a local support group and medically supervised detox at an NHS facility.

If your problem is more serious, we may recommend you seek residential treatment at a private clinic. This is a more concentrated and focused rehab conducted in a distraction free environment that allows you to concentrate all of your energies on recovery. Residential treatment is highly successful when residents are committed to getting well. A private clinic can help you achieve permanent sobriety more quickly than you might imagine.

It’s Up To You

Whether or not you overcome your alcohol problem is entirely up to you. You can recover with the right treatments, support and encouragement, but you have to make the choice to do so. If you are ready, a Middlegate counsellor is standing by to speak with you right now.

We understand you might be fearful of undergoing alcohol rehab. Fear is a normal reaction when people start discussing the idea of recovery. Nevertheless, thousands of people have already completed rehab programmes successfully – you can too. We want to help make that possible by being your contact point for alcohol rehab in Dorset.

As an experienced organisation, Middlegate is not tied to one clinic or service provider. Rather, we help our clients find the most appropriate treatments all across Dorset and the rest of Britain.

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