If there were a genuine blue-collar county in England, it would have to be Durham. Built on the coal, iron, and railway industries of the early 20th century, the county is one in which people know the meaning of hard work. Even as tourism and agriculture have overtaken the industries of the past, the blue-collar mindset is alive and well.

In the midst of Durham’s strong work ethic and family structure, there are still those who find themselves dealing with substance abuse and addiction. Some struggle with alcohol while others may be battling an addiction to prescription medications. And of course, the proliferation of new psychoactive substances (a.k.a. legal highs) is presenting new problems in Durham. However, there is hope. Residential clinics, drug and alcohol charities, and a host of local support groups are all doing their part to help those in need.

Do you need help? If so, would you consider contacting Middlegate? We exist solely for the purpose of coming alongside those in need and getting them connected to a treatment programme. The services we offer clients are both free and confidential. All it takes to get started is a phone call or e-mail.

Recognising the Problem

The first step in overcoming drugs or alcohol is recognising that a problem exists. Recognition is based on some common signs and symptoms associated with substance abuse. For example, a person who is alcohol dependent will show the obvious sign of not being able to get through the day without having alcohol close at hand. Someone addicted to heroin will begin showing symptoms of withdrawal during extended periods of abstinence.

A Middlegate counsellor can walk you through the signs and symptoms of addiction to help you understand the seriousness of your problem. Perhaps you are not addicted at this time, but well on your way to that eventual outcome. On the other hand, you may already be fully addicted after years of using. The assessment we provide can help you figure it out. Moreover, once we know where you are at, we can recommend an appropriate course of treatment.

It should be understood that not every individual can be treated in the same way. Some treatments are very effective for alcohol dependence but completely inappropriate for prescription medication abuse. One person may require residential treatment while another is best served through outpatient counselling. We need to speak with you in order to determine what is appropriate to your circumstances.

Waiting to Help

Right now, there are rehab clinics and local support groups in Durham waiting to come alongside you. They want nothing of you, other than the opportunity to provide the treatment you need to get well. We hope you will consider making a commitment to treatment today. There is no point to putting it off until tomorrow.

Understand that substance abuse and addiction are not simply phases that will pass on their own. They are medical problems requiring medical treatment from trained professionals. Let us help you get that treatment.

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