Residents of the central counties region of England are in the perfect place for easy access to Scotland, Wales, the London metropolitan area, and the eastern coast. At the same time, the central counties maintain their own identities. It is unfortunate that part of life in each of the counties is the ever-present problem of drugs and alcohol. However, these are the times in which we live. The good news is that drug and alcohol treatment is readily available throughout the region.

There is no need for anyone in the central region to live a life of struggle against addictive substances, and live it alone. While a person may struggle to overcome, there is plenty of help and support by way of private clinics, public clinics, and local support groups. Middlegate can help you find that support when you contact us.

Our mission is to provide those dealing with substance abuse the sound advice and treatment referrals they need to get well. As part of that mission, we keep track of all the treatment options currently available in the central region. Some of those treatments are provided by private clinics and professional counsellors; others can be accessed through public channels. We will walk you through each of your options after taking the time to listen and assess the seriousness of your problem.

Public and Private Treatment

Middlegate believes that the best way to help our clients is to assess their situations and then recommend treatments based on individual circumstances. As such, we have a long list of treatment options to choose from. Those options will be either public, private or a combination of the two.

Public services are available through the NHS, local charities, and support groups. Those with less serious problems may do very well by first seeing a GP to receive a full medical assessment. The GP may recommend support group membership along with 12-step work and some prescription medication.

For the most serious addiction problems, we typically refer clients to private treatment at a residential clinic. This sort of treatment offers a concentrated and distraction free treatment approach that enables clients to fully concentrate on recovering. It can include everything from medically supervised detox to 12-step work.

Your Time Is Now

We have provided you with some basic information about getting help for drug or alcohol problem in the central region. Now it is time for you to act on that information. If you or someone you love is struggling with drugs or alcohol, pick up the phone and call Middlegate right now. Alternatively, if you prefer, send us an e-mail or use the contact page here on our website. The sooner we begin talking, the sooner you can be started down that road to recovery.

There is so much to appreciate and take advantage of in the central region. Do not miss it all by continuing to live a life controlled by drugs or alcohol. Let Middlegate help you break free by connecting you with the treatment you need.

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