Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland, and it is located in both County Antrim and County Down. The city was once an important ship building port and was where the ill-fated Titanic was built. In fact, it was the Titanic that helped Belfast to become the largest shipyard in the world during the early twentieth century.

The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage in 1912 after colliding with an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean. There were 2,224 passengers aboard when the massive ship sank and, unfortunately, only about 700 survived.

Belfast is now home to one of the country’s top tourist attractions, Titanic Belfast. It is the largest Titanic visitor experience in the world and over a million people visited during its first year in operation. The exhibition contains full-size reconstructions of the original as well as a number of interactive zones. This excellent visitor attraction is something that the people of Belfast can be proud of. However, not everyone in Belfast will have the time or inclination to appreciate what the city has to offer.

Just as with other cities in the UK, Belfast has its fair share of addiction problems. Many residents are struggling under the weight of their illness every day. Maybe you are one of them.

Gradual Problem

Middlegate exists to help those suffering from alcohol and drug abuse, as well as other types of addiction. We know that addiction is not something that happens overnight. It is a gradual problem that worsens over time and, in many cases, those affected do not even realise they have a problem until it is serious. However, addiction is an illness and as with all illnesses, it can be treated. Provided the affected person gets the right support and treatment, he or she can overcome the illness – Middlegate is here to help them do that.

Our team of advisors, counsellors, and therapists are working hard in the Belfast area to ensure that those suffering from these problems have access to the care and treatment that they need. We are working with local support groups in your area as well as other private and public organisations. We do not have an allegiance to one specific organisation and will refer clients to the most appropriate provider based on the client’s individual requirements.

Individual Assessments

Middlegate wants every client to get the help needed; to make sure we refer clients to the best treatment programme for their requirements we will carry out a comprehensive assessment, which will then enable us to identify the type of addiction and the severity. Once we have this information, we can work with treatment providers to create a plan tailored to the needs of the individual.

We know that the same treatment is not going to work for everyone, and the organisations we work with in Belfast share that philosophy. They believe that a programme tailored to the needs of the individual is the most efficient form of treatment.

For a free referral to a top rehabilitation centre in Belfast, call Middlegate today.

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