About Us

Middlegate Addiction Help is a concerned organisation offering free referral services to both addicts and their families. Our service is free to those who need it because we understand how important addiction recovery is. Without services like ours, addicts and their families would be left to wade through a mountain of recovery options – a mountain that can be too overwhelming for some to wrap their arms around. The service we provide is effective in sorting out which programmes and facilities are wrong for individual clients, and which ones would prove beneficial. We then present the options and help our clients connect with those programmes and services we know will be helpful. In doing so we make sure addicts get the help they need without the added pressure of trying to find just the right programme.

Our staff

The Middlegate staff is a group of caring and compassionate individuals generally concerned about the health and well-being of both addicts and their families. You will not find a more caring group of people anywhere. As such, we are committed to making sure everyone who contacts us receives all the help he or she needs to overcome addiction.

We take the time to listen to your problems. We take the time to assess your needs and match programmes and services accordingly. We take the time to make sure that when you or your loved one is connected with a programme, it the right programme for the circumstances.

Our philosophy

Some addiction recovery services adopt a one-size-fits-all mentality for every client that crosses their path. At Middlegate Addiction Help, we don’t. We understand that every addict is an individual with his or her own needs, thoughts, preferences, and desires. We also know that not every treatment is appropriate for every individual.

Our philosophy of the bespoke services means we comb through the entire list of resources at our disposal to define what is best for the individual based on their circumstances. Not only does this make for a better environment for the addict, it also increases the likelihood of permanent success.

We choose from a variety of options including:


  • Residential Programmes – A residential programme involves the addict living at a facility for a period of up to 28 days. Longer stays can be arranged when it’s appropriate. A residential programme is designed to treat not only the physical addiction but also its mental and emotional aspects as well.
  • Detox – The detox process helps to break the addiction by separating the addict from their substance or activity of choice. This time of complete separation does include withdrawal symptoms, but they can be overcome with support. If necessary, some of our providers include maintenance medications to help accomplish safe withdrawal.
  • Group Therapy – Group therapy is a great tool because it adds further support and accountability. Many of our programmes include group therapy in their overall approach.


The three options listed here are by no means the only ones available. Rest assured that there are enough options that Middlegate can find what is most appropriate to you and your circumstances. Please also understand that we can find a way to work around financial restrictions.

The sooner you get in touch with Middlegate Addiction Help, the sooner you or your loved one will be on the road to recovery. Do not wait another moment. Contact us right away.

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Who am I contacting?

Calls and contact requests are answered by admissions at

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We look forward to helping you take your first step.

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