The idea of rehabilitation is to return something to its former state – a state that was either new or ‘like new’ in most cases. It is no different with drug rehab. The point of going through a rehab program is to return the life of the drug addict to the positive state he or she was in before the addiction began.

A rehab program is one that takes time and effort, as well a commitment from both the drug addict and their family. However, if the commitment is there, success can be achieved. Middlegate Addiction Help can be part of the process by connecting you with rehabilitation facilities and programs you or your loved one could benefit from.

We work with some of the finest clinics and outpatient programs in the country. Furthermore, each of our clients receives service custom tailored to his or her needs. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution because we know every drug addict is different. We strive to find the best services available for each one.

Drug Rehab Clinic

How It Works

In most cases, rehab is a combination of detox and various forms of counselling. Detox is necessary in order to separate the drug user from their drugs so that their body can recover. Either during, or directly after, detox comes the counselling portion of the program. Counselling is designed to equip drug addicts with the tools and thought processes needed to overcome temptation in the future.

There are two basic types of rehabilitation programs:

  • Residential Programs – The greatest chances of success are found through a residential rehab program. These types of programs require drug addicts to live at the facility for a period of 4 to 12 weeks. During that time, the client undergoes detox, group support, one-on-one counselling, and so on.
  • Outpatient Programs – Another option is the outpatient program run by a clinic, hospital, or drug addiction charity. Outpatient programs do not deal with the detox portion of the equation. Instead, they focus on the group support and counselling.

Finding a Rehab Program

Finding a rehab program is what Middlegate is all about. We have connections with programs all over the country – some residential and others outpatient. Our goal is to find out exactly what each client needs so that we can recommend programs and services that are appropriate.

Bear in mind that a residential program can cost several thousand pounds depending on who is offering it. Private health insurance will sometimes cover this cost. If yours does not, or you do not have private health insurance, there are other options including:

  • working out a monthly payment plan
  • seeking financial assistance from family and friends
  • choosing a less expensive outpatient program
  • taking advantage of charity or NHS programs.

Benefits of Residential Rehab

If possible, Middlegate recommends the addict seek out a residential treatment program. The main advantage of this program is that it isolates the drug user from their natural surroundings. Why is that important? Because often times those natural surroundings encourage further drug use. By isolating them from those things, the residential program increases the chances of success.

If you can afford residential rehab, that’s great. If not, at least take advantage of one of the other options. Do not simply ignore an addiction because of financial constraints. Money and things can be replaced; people cannot.