Alcohol Rehab Centres

Alcohol dependence is a bigger problem in the UK than most of us care to admit. In fact, the NHS estimates that up to 9% of adult men and 4% of adult women show some signs of alcohol dependence. In 2011 there were nearly 168,000 prescriptions issued for medications given to help people break their alcohol addiction.

Those numbers are startling if you take the time to let them sink in. The good news is that alcoholics do not have to continue living lives controlled by the bottle. At Middlegate Addiction Help, we can match just about every alcoholic with a rehab centre providing just the right services and programs.

The Middlegate Advantage

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol dependence then you have plenty of choices available to help you find the right treatment. So why choose Middlegate’s services? Because we offer our clients more than just a referral to a recovery program. Through our alcohol rehab centres, we also offer:

  • Care and Compassion – Far too many alcohol abusers are afraid to enter treatment because they believe no one truly cares about them. Sometimes that fear seems legitimate, but it’s not. Each of our centres is staffed by competent and fully trained professionals whose care and compassion for clients is easily seen in everything they do.
  • Proven Pathways – Middlegate recognises that every addict is a unique individual with unique needs. That’s why we strive to provide bespoke services. Each of the centres we work with has demonstrated they have proven pathways to addiction recovery; pathways that will help the addict break his or her dependence on alcohol. In cases when other addictions are also at play, they are included in the overall treatment plan.
  • Hope – Most of all, Middlegate alcohol rehab centres offer our clients real hope. Many of our clients have tried outpatient programs or local group counselling to no avail. Many have also given up hope. We know what that’s like, and we want you to know that no one is beyond hope – not even you. Through our alcohol rehabilitation centres, we can help you get your life back.

Information on Resident Programs

Please understand that alcohol rehab centres usually involve a residential rehabilitation strategy that includes having the alcohol abuser live in a facility for as long as 28 days. During that residency, the individual is not only gradually weaned from alcohol; he or she is also taught how to deal with the stresses and temptations that cause them to drink. The whole idea behind rehabilitation is to get to the root causes of alcohol dependence and deal with them directly.

The cost of alcohol rehab can be several thousand pounds depending on the clinic chosen. Most of our clinics accept private health insurance and, when necessary, different methods of payment. If you cannot afford private treatment, Middlegate also has access to free NHS programs available to everyone.

The bottom line comes down to this: alcohol dependence does not need to continue to control the life of the alcoholic. With the proper alcohol intervention and support, any alcohol abuser can overcome his or her dependency. Not only that, that dependency can be overcome permanently.

Our centres offer rehabilitation combined with aftercare upon the completion of a residential treatment program. That aftercare greatly increases the chances that our clients will remain alcohol free for the remainder of their lives. We believe aftercare is critical, which is why we encourage participation in it.

Today is the day for you or your loved one to begin the road to recovery. Please contact Middlegate at your earliest convenience. We want to help you get your life back.