Dangerous Myths about Alcohol and Rehab That Need To Be Debunked

There is a great deal of misinformation surrounding addiction recovery and rehab. Some of these mistaken ideas occur due to addiction denial, but many of them have also arisen due to the way alcohol problems are portrayed in the media. Below are just some of the myths that could get people into trouble.

Only Alcoholics are at Risk from Alcohol

The idea that only alcoholics need to worry about drinking is one of the most dangerous myths of them all. The latest research into dementia suggests that there is no safe limit for alcohol consumption, meaning that even those people who stick to the current guidelines will not be doing so risk-free. Most of those individuals who end up developing health problems due to drinking are not going to be alcoholics – it is also possible to die of alcohol poisoning without being an alcoholic. Binge drinking is incredibly risky for anyone to do, and those who believe it is safe to do so because they are not an alcohol are relying on false comfort.

Only Serious Alcoholics Require Rehab

If only the individuals who believed their problem was serious enough to require rehab entered this type of programme, these facilities would be almost empty. Terminal uniqueness and denial are among the hallmarks of addiction, and the only type of alcoholic who definitely does not need rehab is the one who is already dead. It is not even necessary to be physically addicted before choosing this type of programme; some people decide to go to rehab because they recognise that they are heading towards trouble, so want to nip it in the bud.

I’m a Functioning Alcoholic, So I Don’t Need to Stop

A functioning alcoholic is somebody who has become skilled at hiding their problems so that it does not affect their life too much – most alcoholics would fit into this category. The reality is that while this person many be good at disguising the substance abuse, it will still be causing problems in his or her life. It is also usually the case that the ability to function well diminishes over time and a functioning alcoholic can transform into a rock bottom alcoholic almost overnight.

I Only Ever Drink Beer So I Can’t Have a Problem

The only difference between an alcoholic who drinks beer and one who drinks cheap spirits is the latter probably goes to the toilet less often and spends less money. It is not about the type of alcoholic drink individuals prefer but about the effect it has on them. There are plenty of rock bottom alcoholics who would prefer to drink beer but just cannot afford to. It is also important to keep in mind that some beers are very strong.

Rehab is Like a Cross between a Hospital and Prison

Up until the eighties, alcoholics sometimes did end up in mental health facilities that were a bit grim, to say the least. These days, even the NHS funded rehabs offer a reasonable amount of comfort, and there are some private rehabs that are more like 5-star resorts. When you enter a rehab, you are not sacrificing your freedom – you are agreeing to the conditions of the facility because you want to improve your life, and you have the option of leaving at any time (although you will always be encouraged to stay).

Life is No Fun without Alcohol

The irony of the claim that life is no fun without alcohol is that so many people drink to numb their emotions. This means that they cannot really experience fun as before because they are anesthetising their emotions. Sober individuals can build an amazing life that is packed full of fun – much better than anything they experienced while abusing alcohol.

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