South London is typically not thought of as the more glamorous part of the British capital. Nonetheless, the areas of the city south of the River Thames are very similar to the north in many ways – including the existence of alcohol misuse and abuse. There are untold numbers of people scattered throughout the south of the city in desperate need of alcohol intervention. Thank goodness then, that alcohol rehab in South London is readily accessible.

Connecting those in need with the available help is the mission of Middlegate. As a referral organisation, we specialise in providing free advice and referrals to everyone who contacts us. We help our clients take advantage of rehab opportunities offered by private clinics, charities, support groups, and the NHS.

You should know that Middlegate does not believe there is a single treatment method guaranteed to work for everyone. And why would there be? Every client we come in contact with is a unique individual with his or her own history and current circumstances. It would stand to reason that each one might need a slightly different approach to rehab in order to be successful.

Bespoke Treatments For Alcohol & Drugs

The differences between people dictate that the best way to provide alcohol rehab in South London is through an approach that utilises bespoke treatment plans. That is what we are all about at Middlegate. In fact, that is why we give so much attention to the residential rehab offered at private clinics. It is the private clinic that has the freedom to develop and implement bespoke treatments based on individual circumstances.

Unfortunately, the NHS does not have that kind of freedom. It is tasked with treating every illness, injury, and disease that walks through its doors, regardless of what it is. The enormous strain put on the public system means it simply does not have the time or resources to implement bespoke treatments. For this reason, we believe private rehab is the better option in most cases.

If it’s not the best option for you, we will be sure to let you know. Middlegate counsellors have no intention of forcing you into a private rehab clinic if it’s not going to work. We want you to get the treatments that are most likely to help you succeed. If that means NHS rehab or services offered by a charity, we are on board with that.

Getting Started WIth Addiction Help

We want you to get started in a rehab programme as soon as possible. The first step is to contact us by telephone, e-mail or through the contact page of our website. When we do finally speak to you, rest assured that all of our communications are confidential.

We will assess the seriousness of your alcohol problem, answer all of your questions, and then recommend what seems to be the best course of treatment. Ultimately, however, the choice will be left to you. We hope you will choose to undergo alcohol rehab in South London right away, rather than delaying. Middlegate wants to help you get better; will you allow us to?

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