By now, you probably realise that most of our services are focused on finding and recommending therapies and treatment facilities. However, there’s one more thing we offer: advice on interventions.


No amount of program options is going to help the addict until he or she is ready and willing to accept help. As a friend or loved one of someone suffering from addiction, you might have the enviable task of organising an intervention. We can help.

Our staff includes a team of dedicated addiction treatment counsellors who can advise you regarding intervention. If appropriate, an intervention might just be the most caring and helpful thing you can do for someone who is addicted. Keep in mind that experts suggest intervention not be attempted without first seeking the advice of a professional. We can put you in contact with a professional near you.

Here is the basic outline of an intervention:

  1. A family member or friend talks with a specialist. Most interventions begin when a family member or friend contacts a referral service like Middlegate Addiction Help and is then referred to someone specialising in the intervention process. The individual then meet with the specialist to discuss intervention strategies.
  1. The intervention team is organised. After consulting with a professional and determining a strategy, the family member or friend assembles the intervention team, which consists of as many additional friends and family members as are willing to participate. The more, the better.
  1. Intervention meeting takes place. With an intervention team assembled, a time and location are set for the intervention. Someone in the group is responsible for making sure the addict is present for that meeting. During the intervention, various members of the team take the opportunity to explain specifically how the addictive behaviour is affecting them or others.
  1. Consequences are established. Once the addict is made aware that his or her destructive behaviour is ruining the lives of other people, they are given the opportunity to seek help or deal with the consequences. The intervention team must establish consequences for refusing help, and enforce those consequences without exception.
  1. The addict seeks help. If all goes well the addict will respond positively to the intervention and agree to seek help. This is when the services offered by Middlegate Addiction Help are most valuable. At that point, family members or friends can get in touch with us so that we can get to work finding the right kind of help.

On Your Own? Call Us Anyway

Maybe you’ve found yourself at the end of your tether even without an intervention. Maybe you’re already aware you have an addiction problem – a problem that is destroying both your life and the lives of your family members. The fact that you’ve identified your addiction is the first step to getting control over it.

We want to help you before things get any worse. Remember this: every day you wait to seek treatment is another day you are harming those you love. It is also another day you are putting your own life at risk by continuing your addictive behaviour. Right now is the time to stop.

Our addiction recovery counsellors are standing by, waiting to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact us using the free number here on our website. The sooner Middlegate Addiction Help knows of your need, the sooner we can get to work matching you with the right treatment centre or program.