Some of the Reasons Why Drug Treatment Works

Drug addiction can happen to anyone, despite what many people think. There are some who believe it to be a consequence of poor decision making or a lifestyle choice when it is, in fact, an illness of the brain. Furthermore, it matters not what age a person is, what their gender is, or where he or she comes from; using illegal drugs or prescription medication increases the possibility of developing an addiction.

Once addiction develops, it tends to get worse over time. It is often hard for those affected to come to terms with having an addiction, and many live in denial for quite a while. While those around them will notice changes in behaviour and personality, their own mind will be clouded by the substance being taken and so they may not be able to see how serious their situation actually is.

While drug addicts come from diverse backgrounds, the one thing they all have in common is a need for help to get better. Overcoming drug addiction typically means completing detox and rehab; fortunately, treatment is usually successful. There are many reasons, therefore, why drug treatment works, no matter what one’s circumstances. We discuss these in the following paragraphs.

Bespoke Treatments

It used to be the case that everyone with an addiction was treated in the same way. While these treatment plans were remarkably effective for some individuals, for others they were less so. In fact, many addicts who completed a programme of detox and rehabilitation would return to drug use as soon as their programme had ended. Others would leave halfway through the programme and then spiral down the road to addiction once more.

These days it is almost always the case that addicts are given a bespoke treatment plan that has been designed around their own unique needs. With so many different treatment options now available, counsellors and therapists can devise a plan that is specific to the individual in question.

So, for example, while there may be a number of people recovering from addiction in the same clinic, it is highly unlikely that any two will be following the same plan. Treatment plans tend to be based on several factors, including things such as the type of addiction a person is suffering from, how long he or she has been addicted, how severe the illness is, and his or her likes and dislikes. Bespoke planning is just one of the many reasons why drug treatment works.

Supportive Environments

Whether you recover in an inpatient or outpatient facility, your treatment is likely to take place in a supportive environment. Drug addiction centres tend to have a mix of staff, with some professionals and others who have first-hand experience of addiction.

Many people who recover from addiction will go on to train as counsellors or therapists in a bid to help others overcome their illnesses. Addiction centres that employ former addicts tend to be more effective when it comes to helping patients recover.

This is because addicts respond well when they see what can be achieved. Knowing that staff members have their own experience of addiction and seeing how far they have come can be a great motivator and can help many patients to become more open to the programme.

How to Make a Programme Work for You

There are so many reasons why drug treatment works, but no matter how good a programme is, you are unlikely to find success unless you have the right attitude going into it. You need to remember that treatment for drug addiction is something that you are doing for yourself; it is not something that is done to you or for you. No matter how good the staff at the clinic are or how much they want to see you get back on your feet again, they cannot recover for you. This is something that you must commit to.

It is therefore important that you have an honest and open approach to recovery. It is highly likely that you have spent a long time burying your feelings and trying to hide things from others. When you are in rehab, you will be expected to be open about your experiences and feelings, but you might find this hard in the beginning. Your natural response to keep everything secretive can be hard to break but to get better, you will have to be willing to make changes.

You will probably find it extremely helpful to listen to other patients and observe what is going on around you. When in group therapy sessions, listen to what others are saying, even if you think that you have nothing in common with the person speaking. You could be surprised at where you will find inspiration and tips that could help you in your quest to recover fully from addiction.

Sharing your story or experiences with others might be something that initially fills you with dread but as time goes by and you learn to become more open and honest with your counsellor, you may find that sharing is a therapeutic tool. Remember, opening up to others could bring you a profound sense of relief and, as well as helping yourself, you may also be helping others within the group.

Things That Might Hamper Your Progress

While there are many reasons why drug treatment works, there are also many reasons why it fails for some individuals. In most cases, it is the behaviour and attitude of the addict that results in failure.

Just as there are many things that you can do to improve your chances of a successful treatment programme, there are many things that you can do to sabotage your progress. For example, if you are unwilling to fully commit to the programme of recovery and make the necessary changes to your behaviour, you are unlikely to succeed.

Going through the motions just to please your counsellor or therapist will do you no favours. You might feel as though you have been forced into treatment by a well-meaning family member, so you could be resentful of this fact. Maybe you have been issued an ultimatum by a loved one and are only in treatment to stop this person from following through on their plans.

However, you ended up in a treatment programme, being prepared to commit to it could change your life for the better. You now have the perfect opportunity to regain control of your life and turn things around.

Look for the positives around you and do not spend your time romanticising the times when you were taking drugs. Think about the reasons your loved ones wanted you to get help. Imagine a life where drugs no longer control your every waking moment. By committing to recovery now, this life could be yours.

How to Access Drug Treatment?

As mentioned plenty of times above, there are so many reasons why drug treatment works, so if you want to put your days of substance abuse behind you, please contact us here at Middlegate for help finding a suitable programme.

We are a referral service and we work closely with drug detox and rehab providers across the UK. We will assess your situation and create a profile from which we can match you to suitable providers in your area. Please call today to find out more about how we can help you on the road to recovery.

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