What is a Standard Alcohol Relapse?

The standard alcohol relapse is the most common type of relapse and the one that most people will face at some point during their recovery. If there is anything we have learned from years of investigation into the processes of drug rehab clinics, it is that successful patients will not avoid relapses forever. They will experience them like everyone else, but they will know how to come back from them.

Let uslook at what the standard alcohol relapse is.

The Relapse Alone

Most relapses happen when the person has already left alcohol rehab centres. This is because most rehab centres are extremely good at preventing alcohol from being smuggled into in-patient facilities. The difficulties come when you have to start dealing with the real world again. In a world of mass advertising and social media, it is difficult to completely remove alcohol from your life.

A relapse happens when someone bows to their cravings and begins to drink again. At this point, patients start to feel like failures and that they will never defeat their addictions. They will assume they have no chance of getting healthy again. It’s a slippery slope that can lead to full blown addiction again.

Starting Again

When a relapse happens, it is important to remember that this is an opportunity to start again. Draw a line under the incident and get back to what you were doing before. It is essential that you do not look at this as a hopeless situation that gives you permission to start drinking again without compunction.

Start your journey again and make sure you notify a professional counsellor of what has happened. They will have few problems getting you back on the straight and narrow. Do not dwell on the experience. Reflect on it and use this harsh life lesson to get started again.

Does Everyone Experience a Relapse?

The fact is that most patients do experience a relapse at some point during their recovery. Someone may experience no relapse and few cravings, but they are in the extreme minority. They are the exception to the rule not the rule itself. Studies have shown that patients will find themselves in a dedicated rehab centre at least twice before they have the strength to quit their addictions completely.

Alcohol recovery is a long and difficult journey. It is not something that you are going to get over without some slips along the way. A true measure of strength in relation to alcohol recovery is not how well someone can avoid a relapse it is how they can deal with a relapse as and when it happens.

Always Seek Help

A relapse represents a time of vulnerability. It is a time that can easily define the next five years of a person’s life. The first course of action should always be to seek professional help. Attempting to deal with it alone in order to remain strong will, more often than not, lead to complete and utter failure. Intelligent people are those who know when they need someone more experienced than them to step in and help them.

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