What is an Accidental Alcohol Relapse?

We often speak of a relapse as a situation where an individual is having a bad day and they finally relent and have a drink of alcohol. This is the most common type of relapse. What many people don’t realise is a relapse often is not as dramatic as this. For a start, the person meant to relapse. They picked up the bottle and they had a drink out of it.

There is another type of relapse, though. It is easier to deal with, but it is no less dangerous. This is known as the accidental relapse. Together, we are going to discuss what it is and how you should go about dealing with it as part of your alcohol rehab.

The Accidental Relapse

Let us begin with a basic explanation as to what it is. Alcohol appears in a variety of different foods and beverages. A lot of the time, you have no idea that you have consumed something that has been tinged with alcohol. Many dishes cooked up in the kitchen use things like red wine in the pan to add flavour. This is considered a relapse for an alcoholic because they have allowed alcohol to pass their lips.

Someone who has spent so long drinking will notice immediately when something has alcohol in it. They are aware they have relapsed and all the negative thoughts associated with a standard relapse will rush in to assault them.

What Can You Do?

Drug rehab clinics spend an ample amount of time teaching people how best to deal with alcohol relapses. This is what drug rehab is all about. You have to use these same skills to deal with the knowledge that you have consumed alcohol by accident.

For a start, you know that you are not a weak human being. You have not given in to your cravings. This is something that has happened due to factors beyond your control. This knowledge should help you to develop that positive state of mind straight away, and that is the key to defeating any addiction.

The Source

Once you have regained your senses again, even if it takes weeks, you need to reflect on why it happened and how you can avoid it happening again. As already mentioned, alcohol appears in a range of culinary delights. You need to ask yourself whether you took due diligence in checking the label. If not, make sure you do it going forward.

On the other hand, if someone cooked a family meal and accidentally used alcohol in it, you need to tell the person not to do it again. You do not have to confront them or berate them. Give them a friendly word and phrase it as a request. This is the right way to preserve your relationship and ensure that this sort of occurrence does not happen again.

Overall, most accidental relapses are relatively easy to control. They are total accidents and they do not represent weakness or bowing to cravings. However, remain vigilant because even an accidental relapse can lead an alcoholic to a dark place.

Middlegate have the expertise to put you in the direction of drug rehab clinics. They can help you recover and leave your alcohol addiction behind in drug rehab.

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