Middlegate Addiction Help provides a free referral service designed to help drug addicts and their families make the connections necessary to get appropriate help. The service we provide takes the hassle and pressure out of the process of finding help for all sorts of addictions including:

  • alcohol
  • illicit drugs
  • OTC and prescription drugs
  • gambling.

In the end, it matters not what a particular addiction is because they are all destructive in their own ways. What’s important is that addicts and their families reach out to those who can help them. Middlegate is ready and waiting to offer our assistance.

Why We Offer Our Service

While it’s true that addicts and their families could find help on their own, the amount of work necessary to do so can often be overwhelming. Not only that but families affected by addiction are already facing enough pressures without having the added task of trying to sort through literally dozens of programs and facilities.

What We Do

Our service provides the link between addict and care provider in a way that does not put further stress on the individual or their loved ones. Simply contacting Middlegate, explaining your situation, and giving us the vital information that sets the wheels in motion on behalf of the addict.

How We Can Help

Middlegate Addiction Help is more than an agency with a couple of names and phone numbers. We have working relationships with the best clinics, outpatient programs, and charities in the UK. Regardless of the addiction or the circumstances of the individual, we can find the appropriate services.

Moreover, we can also offer competent advice on how addicts and their families should proceed. Advice includes everything from conducting interventions to choosing a residential treatment facility. Our addiction recovery specialists are fully versed in all of the available options and how each one can best benefit the individual addict.

Why You Should Act Right Now

The fact that you are reading this means that you, or someone you know, are currently suffering from some sort of addiction. It also means you now have the opportunity to regain control by acting on the information we provide. Please, for the sake of everyone involved, act now.

Addictions of every sort are destructive in ways most people could never imagine. Yet the problems presented in your circumstances are only made worse the longer you wait. By acting right now, while this is still fresh in your mind, you will be taking the first step in the fight against addiction. If you wait, things will only get worse.

There is help for you or your loved one through residential clinics, outpatient programs, group support and therapy, one-on-one counselling, and even free NHS services. However, in order to take advantage of all of these options you need to know they exist. Getting you in touch with these organisations is our job.

Middlegate Addiction Health is committed to making sure every addict we encounter gets the help he or she needs. Our caring and professional staff will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. Do not spend another moment contemplating whether you should get help or not; contact us right away so we can get started.