Alcohol Detox Centres

Would you be surprised to know that there are alcohol detox centres ready and waiting to help you or a loved one break your dependence on alcohol? It’s true. Not only that, Middlegate Addiction Help is here to assist you in finding a detox centre that meets your needs.

We are different from other referral services in that we believe the one-size-fits-all approach is the wrong way to go. At Middlegate, we know every person is a unique individual with unique needs and problems. That’s why we offer bespoke services designed to find the care that is appropriate for you.

What Our Centres Offer

Middlegate has working relationships with alcohol detox centres around the country. We also have access to free alcohol dependency programs from the NHS and a handful of charitable organisations. Regardless of your needs or budget, we can assist you in finding the appropriate treatment for you or your loved one.

Our alcohol detox centres offer clients:

  • Understanding and Compassion – The professional staff at our centres are not here to judge you or your addiction problems. They are here to assist you in breaking your habit and ending your destructive behaviour. They will help you every step of the way with an attitude of caring and compassion.
  • Individualised Service – The key to successful detox is individual service tailored to each unique client. The program you are offered will take into consideration a multitude of factors that will directly affect the outcome. Rest assured that our centres would not throw you into a random program and hope for the best.
  • Aftercare – Follow-up and aftercare are an essential part of making sure clients do not relapse. Our centres can arrange for aftercare that includes groups support sessions, counselling, and other helpful resources.

Supervised Detox Important

Although it’s true that any alcohol dependency can be overcome, Middlegate recommends alcohol abusers do not attempt to detox on their own. A number of complications can result from the detox process; complications that are best handled by trained medical professionals.

Above all, Middlegate is concerned about your welfare and safety. We encourage you to let us find you a place in one of our alcohol detox centres rather than trying to accomplish this by yourself. Even if you have access to well-meaning friends and relatives who have volunteered to help, the safest and most successful environment is one of our centres.

Please also understand that we are here to help. If you have other addictions in addition to your alcohol dependence, we need to know so that we can access clinics and programs that are appropriate for you. If you are willing to be honest with us, we can get you into a detox centre capable of helping you achieve your goals of permanent sobriety.

Our caring staff is ready and waiting to hear from you. Please contact us today if you’re ready to start on the road to recovery – the road to a better, more meaningful life. It’s a decision you will not regret.