A seemingly perfect balance of beautiful countryside and friendly towns make the Borders region a lovely place to live. Yet maybe you are unable to fully appreciate your home because you are struggling with a drug or alcohol problem. Did you know that treatment is available in the Borders region? It is, and we can help you find it.

Middlegate specialises in assisting individuals and their families looking for treatment for substance abuse and addiction. Are you struggling with alcohol? We can help you find treatment. Are you or a child having trouble with illicit or prescription medications? We can help you get into the right programme. Middlegate is here to assist you regardless of the addictive substances you are struggling with.

Our operational philosophy is based in the belief that anyone can get well with the appropriate treatment. Having said that, we do not believe there is a single treatment that works equally well for everyone. People are different, so it stands to reason that their treatment needs are different as well. We pride ourselves on being able to offer those treatments that are in-line with each client’s unique needs and circumstances.

Commitment Is All You Need

What will it take for you to overcome a substance abuse or addiction problems? Commitment. If you have already decided you’ve had enough and you are ready to make a change, you have already made the first and most important step in recovery. The next step is to commit to treatment. You can do that when you contact us at Middlegate.

If you are an addict with a very serious problem, we might recommend you take advantage of a residential treatment programme at a private clinic. Yes, private treatment costs money. Nevertheless, it is not as expensive as many people think. If you cannot afford it, or residential treatment is not right for you, we can refer you to other services. We have connections with support groups, charities, individual counsellors, and NHS service providers throughout the Borders.

Are you committed to recovery? If you are, we will commit ourselves to making sure you find and access the right treatments. Our number one goal is to present you with every available opportunity to get well. The same goes for family members. Please feel free to contact us on behalf of someone you care about. We can help you even if you are not dealing directly with an alcohol or drug problem yourself.

Recovery Awaits

The longer a substance abuser delays treatment, the more difficult recovery becomes. So don’t delay. Recovery awaits you at one of our residential clinics or other service providers. We want to help you get started as soon as you possibly can, so that you can get well and get on with the rest of your life.

Whether it’s detox, residential rehab or 12-step support, we can get you the help you need for a drug or alcohol problem in the Borders region. Our counsellors are standing by to speak with you whenever you are ready.

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