There are a range of rehab clinics in the UK that offer different treatments for addiction, each with their benefits. Everyone will suit different programmes, depending on their home life and the severity of their addiction.

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However, in most cases, residential rehab (sometimes referred to as inpatient rehab) will offer the most valuable support, as it provides a safe and comfortable substance-free environment away from any home influences.

Residential rehab also teaches residents useful mechanisms to cope with future temptations. Our private rehab clinic offers both alcohol and drug rehab through progressive inpatient programmes.

The rehabilitation process

People turn to addictive substances for all sorts of reasons, such as calming their nerves, escaping to another reality or just to try the experience. It’s unlikely that anyone does so believing they will become addicted or ever need the help of a rehab clinic – unfortunately, addiction doesn’t discriminate and it can affect anyone unexpectedly. If this does happen, it’s our mission to offer that person the best experience possible at their chosen private rehab clinic.

We do not settle for temporary success. The staff at our rehabilitation clinic care about every individual’s wellbeing and work with them to take back control of their lives and live a future free from addiction. We do this by using therapy to get to the root causes of their addiction.

We are a private alcohol rehab clinic, amongst treating other substances, behaviours and mental health conditions. Our alcohol rehab clinic makes use of one-on-one counselling, group therapy and group activities. The same goes for drug rehabilitation. Medications may be recommended during drug or alcohol detox to wean someone off a substance safely and reduce their uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

As addiction can filter through families and relationships, our private rehabilitation clinic supports family members through family sessions, to encourage loved ones to immerse themselves in the treatment process and healthily support the person through recovery.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation

We have seen every type of addiction. Our experience has taught us that those suffering from dependence are often dealing with multiple addictions simultaneously. One individual may be struggling with both cocaine and alcohol dependency while another is addicted to OTC codeine and heroin.

Our caring and compassionate staff are less concerned about whether an individual is addicted to drugs or alcohol, and more concerned with making sure they receive the appropriate treatment. Whether a person requires support for one dependency or both alcohol and drug rehabilitation, the appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that all addictions are treated individually and at the highest standard, to ensure the best chance of recovery.

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres offer a variety of treatment programmes and locations based on each person’s needs. At Middlegate, our job is to match each resident with the appropriate resources. With each match made, a new road to recovery begins.

Both drug rehab and alcohol rehab are imperative for those suffering from addiction to encourage their recovery.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction and are looking for drug or alcohol rehab in London, we encourage you to contact Middlegate as soon as you can. We will talk you through all the possible options and our recommendations for your current situation, in strict confidence.

It’s not an easy decision to seek alcohol and drug rehab, but we’re here to help. Please let us help you overcome your challenges; call the number at the top of the page or use our live chat service to book a visit to our centre.