For some of our clients, outpatient and day programs are just not appropriate. Rehab clinics play an important role for these individuals by providing them with residential treatment options aimed at making sure 100% success is achieved.

Rehab Clinics

What makes our clinics so great is that they do not settle for just temporary success. They want to see each and every addict wind up completely addiction free, once again taking control over their own lives and futures. That genuine caring and concern is what sets our clinics apart from the rest.

The Rehabilitation Philosophy

The idea behind rehabilitation is to get at the root causes of addiction. In almost every case, an addict started using whatever substance he or she is now dependent on because of some sort of external pressure. That pressure might be due to crumbling finances, a broken relationship, pain from an injury or illness, or even just the normal desire to fit in with friends. Rarely does someone start down the road of substance abuse expecting to become an addict.

Rehabilitation is designed to get back to those core issues. It asks questions like:

  • What triggered the addict’s first use of the abused substance?
  • How quickly did the substance abuse progress?
  • What types of stresses increase the desire to abuse drugs?
  • How do family members and friends view the addiction?

The typical rehab clinic makes use of one-on-one counselling, group therapy, group activities, and medications to not only slowly wean the addict from his or her addiction, but also teach them mechanisms to cope with future temptations. Often times a rehabilitation program enlists the help of family members for both support and accountability.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

As an addiction recovery referral service, Middlegate has seen its fair share of addictions of every type. Our experience has taught us that oftentimes addicts are dealing with multiple addictions simultaneously. For example, one individual may be struggling with both cocaine and alcohol while another is addicted to OTC codeine and heroin.

Middlegate’s caring and compassionate staff are less concerned about whether an individual is addicted to drugs or alcohol, and more concerned with making sure the individual receives the help he or she needs. If one addiction requires a single-minded approach, that’s what we pursue. If another addiction requires a multifaceted one, that’s where we’ll focus our energies.

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres are the best in the business. They offer a variety of treatment programs and locations based on each client’s needs. At Middlegate, our job is to match each client up with the appropriate resources. With the match made, the road to recovery begins.

Rehabilitation is not the right option for everyone. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, we encourage you to contact Middlegate as soon as you can. We will work with you to figure out exactly how you or your loved one would best be treated, then we’ll get to work matching you up with the right opportunities.

We want to see every addict that comes our way break free from his or her destructive behaviour to a brand-new life. That’s why we exist. Please let us help you overcome your challenges.

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