Detox clinics are an important part of the drug addiction recovery process for many addicts. Detox provides a way to become completely drug-free in a relatively short amount of time. However, care must be taken during detox to ensure the health and well-being of patients. That’s why the choice of drug detox clinics is important.

Detox Clinics

Middlegate Addiction Help is here to assist you in finding the right detox clinic for your circumstances. Whether you are in need of drug or alcohol detox, our working relationships with a large number of clinics means you will have access to the best available. We simply need you to get in touch with us so we can get the process started.

Detox Basics

The basic concept behind detoxification is to rid the client of the drugs or alcohol he or she is abusing in a very short amount of time. Sometimes this is accomplished through a ‘cold turkey’ approach that involves no medical intervention. Other times, drugs are used to lessen the symptoms of withdrawal so they are more bearable.

Here are some common questions frequently asked about detox clinics:

  1. How long does detox take? The total length time for detox is different for each person based on the substances he or she is using and how long they have been used. Generally however, the peak of withdrawal symptoms usually occurs somewhere around day three. After that, symptoms are gradually reduced. Detox for most substances can be accomplished within 5 to 8 days.
  1. Is detox all I will need? For some people, a short-term detox program is all they need to permanently succeed. However, most of our clients receive some sort of aftercare or follow-up to ensure they do not relapse. In cases where maintenance medication is required, it is made available by the detox clinic.
  1. Will I be left alone during detox? Our detox clinics are staffed by professionals who have a genuine heart of compassion for their clients. Although a staff member is unlikely to be at your side throughout the entire detox process, they are always close by to help when needed. The centres we work with do not believe in simply closing the door and allowing addicts suffer on their own.

Safety Is Important

Middlegate strongly suggests drug and alcohol users planning to detox not attempt to do so on their own. Why? Because safety is a real concern. For example, the withdrawal symptoms for some drugs can include things like involuntary muscle movements and seizures. These things can be violent enough to cause personal injury if the patient is not properly restrained.

Another potential problem is that some drugs can cause severe damage to the body. That damage can be exacerbated during withdrawal to the point of resulting in serious complications. When you detox using one of our clinics, trained medical personnel are always on standby in case these complications occur.

Middlegate’s detox clinics are here to help you win the fight against drug addiction. Whether you are the addict, or you are visiting our website on behalf of a friend or loved one, do not delay any further. The longer you wait to seek treatment the more difficult it becomes to achieve total victory. We want to help, but we need you to get in touch with us as soon as you can.