Do Alcoholics Need to Go to Rehab?

Entering rehab can sound extreme. Surely there is an easier way of ending an addiction to alcohol? The reality is that for many people this will be their best option for breaking free of this suffering. There are individuals who do manage to escape addiction without this type of assistance, but this is not option for most people. If you have already tried to break away from addiction without help and failed, this is likely a sign that you do need some assistance.

Reasons Why You Might Need to Stay in Rehab

Here are some of the most common reasons why you might need to stay in rehab:

Rehab Will Help You Make It Through the Detox Stage of Recovery

Most rehab programs also provide detox services. This is important because the time you are most likely to give up on your decision to quit is when you are dealing with withdrawal symptoms. By entering rehab you will be encouraged and supported as you pass through this stage – this greatly increases the likelihood that you will be successful. Going through a supervised detox will also ensure that you are kept safe – this is particularly important if you are at risk of severe withdrawals.

Rehab Will Provide You with the Resources You Need To Build a New Life

The goal of rehab is not to get you back to where you were before you fell into addiction. This would mean returning to square one, with a high risk you will fall into new maladaptive behaviours. In rehab, you are going to be given all the resources you need to create a life that is better than anything you ever experienced previously. It is only by bringing you to a better place that you will be able to completely turn your back on alcohol or drugs.

Rehab Will Help You Eradicate Dangerous Thinking Patterns

The process of becoming addicted to a substance means that, among other things, you develop negative thought patterns in order to support this behaviour. If you continue to hold onto these patterns of thinking when you become sober, it is going to prevent you making progress. One of the benefits of staying in rehab is that you get to spend time with a therapist. This person will be able to work with you to overcome the habits that have been leading you into trouble.

Rehab Will Provide a Strong Foundation for Your Recovery

Most people will be able to stop drinking or using drugs for a few weeks, months, or even years if they have to. The problem for most individuals dealing with addiction is not stopping for a bit of time, but in staying stopped. One of the great benefits of going into rehab is you get to build a strong foundation for your recovery. This means that you are far more likely to remain sober long-term. If the foundations of your recovery are weak, it will be easier for you to give up as soon as things become hard.

Rehab Will Provide You with Life Skills

In order to do well in recovery, you are going to need some new skills. During your time in rehab you will be given the opportunity to attend lectures and seminars where you get to discover some effective strategies for dealing with the challenges of life. This means that by the time you return home you will be able to much better deal with whatever life sends your way – you will also find it easier to become successful at whatever you choose to do.

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