Emergency Admissions

Addiction does not take time off on evenings, weekends, or holidays. But of course, you already knew that. Any addiction can take a turn for the worse at any time, requiring emergency admission into a drug rehabilitation or detox facility. That’s where Middlegate Addiction Help comes into play.

Among our extensive list of services, we offer emergency admissions to an appropriate clinic near you. Emergency admissions are critical in many circumstances where an addict has finally reached the end of their tether. Knowing how critical these situations can be, Middlegate is at the ready with all the emergency resources you’ll need.

Addictions of All Kinds

One of the things many of our clients appreciate is the fact that Middlegate does not concentrate on just one kind of addiction. Our services are open to addicts of all kinds including, but not limited to:

  • prescription and over-the-counter medications like codeine and morphine
  • illicit street drugs including heroin, cocaine, crack and methamphetamines
  • more socially acceptable drugs like alcohol and marijuana.

Regardless of the specific addiction, an emergency situation requires an agency that can act quickly to ensure emergency admissions. That’s what we do at Middlegate Addiction Health. We are ready to respond as soon as a situation arises. That quick response could make a huge difference in terms of the addict’s treatment.

Why Treatment Is Appropriate

Addictions of all sorts are very complex behaviours that require some help to diagnose and overcome. Furthermore, treatment options like detox can be dangerous if they are not handled by a professional. That’s one of the reasons why experts advise against attempting detox on your own.

In addition, many people find out that they can succeed in kicking their addictions on a temporary basis. However, that’s not good enough. If you want long-term success in overcoming addiction, you are going to need at least some measure of treatment.

What to Expect

In cases where emergency admissions are required, we most likely have a situation that is best served by a residential addiction recovery program. A residential program can last anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks and requires the addict to reside at the facility during that time.

While at the facility, the individual will receive several treatments including detox, maintenance medication therapy (when appropriate), individual counselling, group counselling and support, and shared group activities. All of the things offered in a residential program are combined to accomplish three things:

  • addiction detox
  • identifying triggers of addictive behaviour
  • providing tools to deal with those triggers
  • providing emotional and mental support
  • giving the addict the opportunity to see a better life free of addiction.

If a residential treatment program is not right for you or your loved one, we will advise as to what is appropriate. Whatever it takes, our goal is to make sure it happens on your behalf.

Addiction is an ugly animal that destroys lives with impunity. Do not let it destroy yours. If you or anyone you know is suffering in the throes of any kind of addiction please let us help you once again take control. Our professional and compassionate staff is waiting to hear from you right now.