Free NHS Services

According to the NHS, the most successful alcohol dependence treatment programs involve a residential stay of between 4 and 12 weeks in a program with a proven track record. We agree with that assessment. However, cost is a big factor in attending one of these programs. Sometimes the families of alcoholics simply cannot afford it. And without private medical insurance, they believe they have nowhere to go.

When affordability is an issue, not all hope is completely lost. The NHS provides a range of free services that, combined with the love and support of family members, can go a long way in helping the alcoholic take control over his or her dependence. You can find a list of the services on the NHS website.

Types of Services Available

It is impossible to provide a list of every free service or program offered or recommended by the NHS in the limited amount of space we have here. However, Middlegate can help you locate the opportunities that are right for you and your circumstances. Here are some of the types of services available:

  • Outpatient Programs – Also known as ‘day programs’, outpatient programs are held at various medical facilities around the country. In one of these programs, the alcoholic comes to the facility on a regularly scheduled basis to receive counselling, group therapy, and other appropriate treatments.
  • Group Counselling – There are a number of organisations offering group counselling and therapy sessions for alcoholics. These programs are typically voluntary, and rely heavily on the willingness of the individual to continue attending faithfully.
  • Individual Counselling – One-on-one counselling is another option available to alcoholics. This type of counselling can be offered as part of an outpatient program, a charity, or an individual service targeted at alcoholics.
  • Support Groups – Support groups can sometimes be helpful in the initial stages of treatment. However, they are essential after treatment has been completed. The support group provides the accountability the former alcoholic needs to remain sober.
  • Charities – Although not directly sponsored by the NHS, a number of charities exist around the UK offering help at various levels. Some offer phone support, others offer day programs; still others offer one-on-one or group support. Middlegate can get you in touch with these charities.

Personal Responsibility

Whether the alcoholic seeks treatment through free NHS services or a residential treatment program, the personal responsibility to remain faithful to that treatment is his or hers alone. That is the key to successfully breaking an addiction. The alcoholic must take ownership of their condition, their circumstances, and their own treatment. They must stop making excuses for their behaviour. They must stop trying to blame others for the circumstances they find themselves in.

At Middlegate, all we can do is offer our assistance in matching up the alcoholic with the appropriate treatment options. Middlegate’s services cannot force the individual to take responsibility for himself. That said, if you are ready to start taking your life back from alcohol dependence, we do want to help.

Middlegate is a leading addiction treatment referral organisation with contacts all across the country. We work with the best treatment centres and programs to find you the help you need. Please call us today and start taking control of your life once again.

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