As a non-metropolitan county in the centre of England, Derbyshire is a county of towns and cities ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 inhabitants. Some of the smallest towns seem like something you would pull out of a classic children’s book, while the larger cities are as modern as can be. Yet at the heart of Derbyshire are the people who live there. And some of them, unfortunately, are struggling with alcohol or drug related issues.

Middlegate works with those who are struggling by helping them find the treatments they need to get well. We have a list of treatment options available in Derbyshire, whether you are struggling with alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription medications, or legal highs. We urge you to contact us right away if you need help.

Please note that there is no shame in asking for assistance. We all go through problems that seem insurmountable without the help of others. Your problems just have to do with drugs or alcohol. That does not make them any worse than the problems someone else is dealing with.

Overcome Your Fear

Perhaps you already know you have a serious alcohol or drug problem. If so, what is keeping you from seeking treatment? For some people it is fear. They are fearful of what treatment might entail. They are afraid to face life without a bottle in hand or a drug to take. Regardless of your fears, we can help you overcome them if they are preventing you from seeking treatment.

Are you afraid that you cannot afford drug or alcohol rehab? Such fears are not uncommon. It is generally assumed that all private treatment options will be will beyond the budget of the average UK consumer. However, that is not true. There are many affordably priced treatment options you might be able to access. Moreover, even if you truly cannot afford it, there are other ways to go about getting treatment. Cost does not need to inhibit you. Money should never prevent you from getting well.

We work with the best private residential clinics throughout Derbyshire and the rest of the UK. We also have access to free services provided by charities, support groups and the NHS. There is a treatment out there for you; it is simply a matter of going out there and finding it. Contact us so we can get to work for you.

No Better Time than Now

You have read this far, which tells us we have your attention. So now is the time to start the process of healing. Now is the time to embark on that road to recovery by contacting Middlegate and speaking to one of our trained counsellors. We know exactly what you are going through. We want to help you get through it.

We are an experienced organisation offering free assessments, advice and treatment referrals. The best way to contact us is to call our freephone number listed on this website. If you prefer, you can send an e-mail or use our contact form instead.

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