Alcohol abuse is a serious problem in the UK today. A recent report has revealed that alcohol abuse is costing Northern Ireland’s economy near £1 billion per year. Drinking has a serious impact on society, and this new report has, if anything, reinforced the need for those suffering from alcohol addiction to seek the help necessary to get better.

What are the Main Effects of Alcohol Addiction? 

Addiction NI says that there are a number of wider economic effects of alcohol addiction. The main issue is a loss of productivity. Those that suffer from an alcohol addiction struggle to meet deadlines and complete the projects set for them.

Alcohol abuse could also lead to eventual unemployment leading to unemployment benefit increases, which is costing the Northern Irish substantially.

Understanding the Effect of Drugs in the Workplace 

Thelma Abernethy, the director of Addiction NI, said, “It is important that businesses understand the impact of alcohol and drug use within the workplace as well as their legal responsibilities to ensure the overall health, well-being, and safety of their workforce.”

She also highlighted the fact that there has been an increase in the prevalence of legal and illegal drugs being used in the workplace. Addiction NI estimates that about 3.64 million working hours are lost every year because of alcohol abuse alone. The figure for other drugs is much higher.

Where is Northern Ireland Losing the Money? 

The amount of money lost to alcohol abuse is probably much higher than £1 billion because the figure does not consider the loss of productivity. At least £900 million is lost due to treatment by the health service, the impact of social work, and money lost through the fire and police services, as well as courts and prison costs.

More work needs to be done to stop the flow of money lost to alcohol abuse. Randox Testing Services recently organised a summit for tackling alcohol abuse. Michael Bailey is one of the speakers, a prominent figure who experienced the full impact of alcohol abuse due to stress at work.

He says that he eventually lost his job and his family due to losing his driving licence as a result of alcohol abuse. It took four years of treatment and recovery for him to get back to where he needs to be. He is calling upon people to ask for help in dealing with alcohol addiction, and he wants employers to be more sympathetic to employees who come forward with their problems.

How Serious is the Problem of Addiction in Northern Ireland? 

This is not the first time Northern Ireland’s drinking problem has been scrutinised. Concerns have been raised recently regarding the fact that the number of elderly women abusing alcohol in the province has rocketed by 100%. The number of older men abusing alcohol also increased by 40% in this period.

Similar concerns have been raised about the number of teenage abusers and addicts. Northern Ireland faces a huge challenge in dealing with alcohol abuse, and what is most concerning to groups like Addiction NI is that alcohol abuse is not confined to a single age bracket, as highlighted above.

Where Can I Get Alcohol Addiction Help? 

There are more avenues than ever before for individuals that need to get help with alcohol addiction. If you are looking for help with an alcohol addiction or abuse problem, contact Middlegate today. We offer advice and information on how you can find the help you need to get better.

Every client is evaluated individually and given the information and contact details that pertain to their specific situation. You have nothing to lose, and there are no obligations by getting in touch, so contact us today.


Alcohol Abuse Costing Northern Ireland Economy Upward of £1 Billion Every Year
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