It is more often traditional drugs such as cocaine and heroin that are often cited as the leading cause of drug addiction. What many forget is that a new wave of former legal highs is currently making waves. The ‘alternative’ to marijuana, known as spice and green heroin, has caused an increase in the number and variety of addiction cases in Blackpool.

The Spice Epidemic Grows 

Spice has recently been accredited with ‘turning to people into zombies’. Previously categorised as a legal high, spice is one of the cheapest drugs available on the streets of Blackpool. A report in the Sunday People found that the price of a single gramme of spice in Blackpool is just £10, making it cheaper than marijuana.

An investigation into the spice epidemic was launched after photos emerged of spice users lying in the middle of the street. Concern has been raised because spice causes major side effects such as seizures and blackouts. Some spice users have even died from extended use.

Why Spice is So Dangerous 

The drug sold on the streets today was ‘legal’ as recently as April 2016. Its effects are meant to mimic those of cannabis, but some believe that criminalisation of former legal highs have actually made the substances more powerful. Nowhere has experienced such a surge in use as Blackpool has.

A homeless person in Blackpool, interviewed by the Sunday People, said he had been smoking spice for two years. He regrets ever starting because of how addictive it turned out to be. Claims from other users support the opinion that spice is up to ten times stronger than marijuana. Some addicted individuals have even experienced burst organs and internal bleeding.

The homeless population of Blackpool particularly has taken to it, and the classification of the drug to Class B appears to have done little to stem its flow on our streets.

Chaos Elsewhere in the UK 

Blackpool is not the only city that has experienced the serious effects of spice. Newspapers widely shared the story of the death of Nicholas Williams in North London in 2016. Williams had used spice heavily and was attempting to quit. He claimed that trying to withdraw from the drug made him feel as if he wanted to kill people.

In Manchester, photos emerged of spice users; dubbed the walking dead, the coverage of these users brought attention to the severe damage caused by the substance.

One of the biggest problems with spice is that it is still widely available. As well as being able to buy it on the streets, many users easily purchase it online.

Addictiveness Incarnate 

Many spice users have reported experiencing severe regret from the first few drags. After pushing through that wall, though, users feel an intense high. It is this high that keeps these people coming back for more. But as usage grows into addiction, many users end up in catatonic states after taking their substance of choice. Many have been seen just standing on the spot, which is where the aforementioned pictures emerged from.

Police forces across the UK have noted a severe rise in addiction to spice. They have also noticed that the substance is being used increasingly in public spaces, and blatantly at that. There are also reports that spice consumption has increased within prisons as the drug becomes increasingly easy to procure.

Get Treatment for Spice Addiction and More 

The effects of spice mean that we are experiencing an increasing number of clients who are either addicted to spice or who have tried it alongside other drugs. At Middlegate, we offer the confidential advice and information you need to find a treatment provider in your area.

We evaluate all our clients individually and help them to get on the right road to recovery. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling us.

Blackpool Overrun by Drug Known as Green Heroin
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